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An English & Japanese speaking Water Goddess that loves playing games and curses probably too much. Don't let her cute face fool you, she tends to have a violent streak with a perverted mind (even if she tries to hide it)! Mizu is a variety streamer that mainly draws, plays Minecraft, and Nintentdo games.

Lore Edit

Mizu Megami (meaning 'Water Goddess') is currently on-leave from Heaven for being too lazy and neglecting her duties. Given a new human body by God, she was sent to Earth to humble herself.

Unfortunately, the 'punishment' seems to have the opposite effect... Now ALL she does is play video games and sleep!!

God sent Buster, a helping familiar in the form of a cat, to keep an eye on her.

However, in order for her to regain her powers and eventually return to heaven, she needs to gain loyal human followers!

Mizu Megami decided the most exciting way to do so was to become a streaming VTuber.

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