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Mister Tortol

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Mister Tortol is your friendly average Immortal having fun and playing games as a Virtual Streamer.

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Do you know about those people that died and travelled into another world? well I am one of those people I am what you might call a returner.

In my first life I lived until I was 80 years old and I died a lonely and Isolated life. In my second life I was in another world I was sent into a world of martial arts in the path of becoming an Immortal Inheriting the Library of the Heavens I can forsee all flaws in everything. My second life was full of strife, fighting and treachery I died of old age trying to breakthrough into becoming a being higher than a God or the Devil.

Like all returners I have come back to earth but unlike everyone else I kept my body from my second life but my soul from my first is still here. I cannot interfere much in the world or else I won't get to live my second life so until my first self present in the world dies of old age. come chill with me and study the Dao of relaxation while I rest for the next 60 years!

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