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Mirupii is a Virtual Streamer who streams on Twitch in English. She is a variety streamer that enjoys calm games, competitive games, and drawing. She illustrates and rigs models, including her own!

Her model may be cute, but her personality has considerable gap moe.

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ᐅ item #: 31317

ᐅ object class: keter

ᐅ description: 31317, self-named Mirupii, appears similar to a cross between female and feline. current measurements place it at 4.5 feet or 1.4 meters. it seems to have no weight. it sports two pairs of ears and a pair of antennae, though the purpose of the extended sensory system is currently unknown. teeth larger than expected of a non-physical eater; carnivorism assumed.

under normal circumstances, this creature appears passive and communicates easily. however, it seems to harbor a diet of radiation and data. how it consumes something nonphysical is unknown, nor is known what happens to said data. tests remain inconclusive. initially found on a beach near boston, massachusetts. seemed confused, with no claimed prior memories. currently memories seem to be restored, and seems to be trying to "reawaken their primordial form". implications of this transformation unknown. class may be reassigned to apollyon.

creature seems to be fond of bright colors, trinkets, and video games. remains passive when mildly entertained, but increases in difficulty to contain when bored. 31317 seems to be able to phase through objects and use screens as portals, as long as both devices are connected to the internet. this makes them incredibly hard to contain. level of danger unknown. capable of changing form and appearance while using a small piece of tech as a host. tech no longer functions post-hostage use. very cute. potentially catastrophic. research to continue.

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