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Mimcubus is an incubus that collects fantasies and provides a safe space for their viewers to relax. Their stream is a sex positive environment and often provides users with a space to be open with themselves. Mim is a veteran MMO player and enjoys sharing games with their viewers in addition to their 'just chatting' streams. Their community is based off of 'Monster Island', a place where Mim's followers can be open in expressing themselves. Mim's community is strongly supportive of LGBTQIA+ members and is a safe space for those individuals.

Mim uses they/them pronouns and streams on Wednesdays at 4pm CST. They also appear frequently as a bartender at the Weary101 (Takahata101's stream).

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Mim is cannonically an incubus who is collecting fantasies to become powerful enough to transform into a succubus. They live on Monster Island, which is essentially a demon filled pleasure palace. In that space Mim occupies a room filled with personal objects to them (such as a picture of their boss, Takahata). Mim is commonly known as a demon, and is distantly related to Cimrai. Mim is part of the same universe as Trickyy, Takahata, and Cimrai. The portal to Monster Island can be found through their mutual residence of the Demon District.

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