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Mili Meow

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Daisie is an English Vtuber who streams on Twitch. She streams art, video games, and just recently started Duolingo streams on Fridays. Her Vtuber's name is Mili, an OC she created while playing Starbound with her boyfriend Joey (who also appears on her streams frequently).

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Mili was born as an only child on the planet Starry Ludus, which is a popular place for those seeking their one true love. They say those who meet on this planet are destined to be together; it's love at first sight! Mili wanted to be an astronaut all throughout her childhood, but was only an average student (grade wise). She could only ever score a B or B+ on tests, her lowest score being a C. It got to a point where her teachers started asking her if she had a backup plan. She still pushed through and graduated. Now, the only thing left to do was search for universities! However, her plans would be interrupted when there was a sudden attack. She was in her room and noticed strange ships hovering above the town she lived in outside her window. Her parents burst into the room and hand her a back pack, telling her she needs to get on the emergency space ship in the backyard immediately. She backed what she could into the backpack: clothes, pencils, crayons, paper, a journal, books, snacks, and drinks. She rushed into the space ship and waited for her parents. They told her that they would be back soon. The ship's auto-pilot robot announced that it would be taking off in 15 minutes. No biggie, right? Well, 5 minutes passed, then another 5 minutes, until there was only 2 minutes left. Mili started to panic, knowing that her parents wouldn't make it in time. She started screaming for her parents but got no response. The ships door closed and soon, she could see her whole planet as one small sphere floating in the emptiness of space...

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