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Mikitsuki is a Variety streamer that enjoys playing MMORPGs FPSs RTSs and more.

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Mikitsuki is a celestial being in the form of a fox born from the primordial chaos that birthed everything. He was found by and adopted by Izanagi and Izanami. He is the Elder brother to Amaterasu, Susanoo, and Tsukuyomi. He led a wonderful life with his new found family but had to leave them to fix the imbalance that was destroying the fabric of existence which was left by his premature separation from the chaos that birthed him. In orde to fix this imbalance he had to seal himself within the chaos effectively making his existence a blur to all that knew him. Mikitsuki spent the next couple of millenia stabilizing everything and in turn gaining a deeper understanding about himself along with why he was different from the celestials in the celestial plains. After he fixed the mess he made with his premature departure when he was younger. Mikitsuki began to focus hus efforts on gaining deeper control over his powers and abilities. After a few more millenia he was finally able to create a stable point of contact with the celestial plains and left the plane in which the chaos resided. This time the exit point was so seamless that he was able to leave with out causing a tear in the planes like he did when he was much younger. Mikitsuki had finally returned to a much different world than the one he left when he went to fix the mistake he had made. It didnt take long for his family and the friends he made amongst the residents of the celestial plains and the infernal domain to begin to recall the memories that became blurred by his leaving to prevent the destruction of everything. He embarked on a journey to find his family again but when he finally reached their home. He felt sad because on his journey he found out what happened to his family. he found out that his mother became a permanent denizen of the infernal domain while his father had changed from being loving and caring to being domineering and unforgiving. His little sister had grown up all alone, his two brothers who were once attached to the hip were now estranged. When he finally mustered up the courage to open the door to his home, he was surprised to see that what he heard concerning his family was not as accurate as he had thought. Aparently the return of their memories concerning him made them all change their actions and behavior while they were different from who the used to be the were still the same people that he once knew and still considered to be his family. A few decades after the reunion with his family. Mikitsuki adopted the name of Higanbana to never forget the sadness he felt when he had to leave his family to save everything from his mistakes as a child. Mikitsuki Higanbana now spends his time playing these fascinating marvels of human creation called video games and tends to opt into playing video games of the dark or thrilling variety.

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