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Mieko Hikari

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Mieko Hikari is an English VTuber trying everything that interests him, making him be known as "multi-talented". He aims to make a community where everyone can have fun and make friends while also riding a ocean in the internet as an influencer!

Mieko Hikari is originally born in August 25, his sign: Virgo. Its a he not a she. A quiz says his personality type is ESFP-T.

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Mieko Hikari, is a successful product of a science experiment where a star was absorbed into an artificial body creating a new life form. When he was created, all life around him was unintentionally absorbed to maintain stability of his own. Making him alone. In a ship traveling in space.

Not too long ago, Mieko established a connection to Earth and learned everything he could about the world. Found the concept of being an internet idol interesting and here he is!

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