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MeiMei is a Danish vstreamer, who make content/streams in English. She generally stream Mihoyo games, rhythm games, and other fighting/survival games. She has a goal to make her streams a safe space for those dealing both chronically and mentally, telling everyone any step is enough progress. She is regularly open about her autism, depression, and chronic illness, showing anything is possible no matter your struggles.

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A normal girl who grew up loving both Japanese mythology, Anime, and horror. At the prime age of 10 she had her hands full of watching higurashi, which slowly began creating two entities: one with the love of pastels, rhythm games, and anime, and one with the love for Japanese mythology, neons, and cyberpunk.

Currently, both share the same design, but viewers has noticed 3 voices: 1 regular, 1 higher pitch, and 1 gremlin type

The design is set to her regular being pastel, with small hints of cyberpunk, hair set in twintails, and part of hair down. Her other self is known as the unknown bot on her discord, striking black hair with green gradient, oni horns and mask, both in cyberpunk style and neon colors.

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