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New Model 2021
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HEY NERDS! The name's Megi, Megimedia. I'm a cyborg, but everyone calls me the "cyborg gremlin." I was created to bring positive vibes and laughs, but because of my old coding, I was trashed. I was found by a demon who trusted me to his mad scientist, they've been upgrading me ever since. They're my family now. Honestly, my family is pretty random, we call ourselves "The Potluck." With my new upgrades and developing code, I'm able to continue to do what I was created for!

Here are some interesting facts about Megi:

  • She comes from the Patisserie Kingdom; her creator is "Cake chan."
  • The demon who found her goes by the name of "Satan."
  • She is a small cyborg (4"10) with a huge ethernet cord for sending data and code.
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Megimedia was created in the Patisserie Kingdom by Cake Chan. She is number 17 of her type, there was only 20 of these cyborgs created before their development was scrapped. The whereabouts of the other 19 are unknown. Megi was found trashed by her original owners. The person who found her was Bigredthesecond, also known as Satan. This demon took her in under his care and trusted the machine to his mad scientist, Nyok0. The evil genius loved the idea of her and went through incredible lengths of learning new and old techniques to bring her back to life, but better than before. With Megi coming back to life, she helped the creatures around her and brought together a family that is now known as Potluck! With her new family, Megi is super motivated and happier than ever to continue doing what she was created for; spreading good vibes and laughs!

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