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Chuu is an independent VStreamer with content produced primarily in English. Her full name is Hayashi Mayumi. Her birthdate is November 6. Her height is 156 cm (5'2). Her blood type is AB. Her MBTI type is ESTP-A. She likes cold and sweet foods. She wants to film a Kakigōri CM one day. Her specialty is reverse charm. She is proficient in shooter games and prefers snipers to other characters.

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Chuu~ Chyu~ This is the fox archangel! I'm Hayashi Mayumi. Welcome aboard, angel...!

A executor of celestial law. There's not much to execute these days, though! These days, she learns English and talks with humans a lot. She really likes espresso and is blacklisted from several coffee shops in her area for undisclosed reasons. She is wanted in 32 countries for tax evasion. She likes to bark online and dress up as a cat maid. She is banned from her school cafeteria after blowing up instant noodles by accident. Her dream is to dominate the world (and your mother, preferably).

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