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Mavis DeLuna



Mavis DeLuna is an indigenous Puerto Rican Two-Spirit, Genderfluid, and Non-Binary VTuber. Their name is pronounced Mavis with the ”A” like in ”apple.” Mavis uses they/them or fae/faer pronouns; however, their pronouns sometimes change due to their gender fluidity. Mavis changes their appearance and gender presentation using their VTuber model as a result of their gender fluidity. They have an androgynous, feminine, and masculine set of appearances. Mavis streams and creates content of a variety of video games that they enjoy, language learning, and chatting with their viewers. While doing this, they make it very clear that their space is BIPOC-forward and LGBTQIA2S+ safe.

Mavis is Taíno (Arawak), and identifies as Two-Spirit in addition to their nonbinary and genderfluid identities as a result. They are proud of their Native heritage and are in the process of reconnection. In addition, they are a staunch and vocal activist for the BIPOC and LGBTQIA2S+ communities. They are a disability and mental health advocate, living with chronic illness, and mental illnesses including depression and generalized anxiety. They are also Autistic with ADHD. Mavis makes it very clear that their space is a safe space for marginalized identities, and takes very firm anti-bigotry stances. While all people are welcome in their space, the safety of BIPOC individuals, especially trans people of color, come first.

Mavis has raised over $5,000 for charity, working with organizations such as Hope for the Day, Trans Empowerment Project, Lupus Foundation of America (participating in Game On! To End Lupus), and raising funds for humanitiarian aid for the people of Ukraine.

Mavis does their best to remain in-character as a VTuber at all times, but sometimes cannot help breaking character at times due to the nature of some discussions on their stream. Their identity is also a core part of their lore, as they wish to have pride for who they are and not hide themselves. More than anything, Mavis wants to show the VTubing world that trans people of color can exist in its space and succeed. They aim to create a safe space for marginalized identities, and show the world what they’re made of- while refusing to be silent on important topics in today’s world.

Mavis’s favorite video games are Deltarune, Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda, Bayonetta, Beat Saber, and Slime Rancher. Their favorite Pokémon is Clefairy. Their favorite anime is Sailor Moon, who has inspired most of their aesthetic, as well as the 80s/90s eras. Their favorite colors are purple, and a very specific shade of blue: #0F0062. Their hobbies include crochet, voice acting, drawing, writing fanfiction, and making music. They also love listening to music. Their favorite band is the Midnight, an American synthwave band. Their favorite instrument is the saxophone; they have played tenor saxophone and piano briefly in their youth, and hope to pick it up again someday.

Mavis is also a Hellenistic witch, whose patron deities are Selene, Ares, and Aphrodite. Their magic specializes in self-love, healing, and protection. However, they are expanding their horizons and faith.

Lore Edit

Mavis's lore is very self-indulgent and caters to their inner child. Overall, they like to picture themselves in a multiverse setting, hanging out with their favorite franchise characters while living a peaceful and happy life. To explain franchise characters (such as characters from movies or video games) existing in their lore, Mavis says these characters are variants from an alternate timeline instead of their canon stories. Mavis's lore is currently a work-in-progress; they plan to release a story as chapters of a novel in the future.

Currently, they live on Earth's Moon in a magical palace known as the Moon Palace. With the help of their chosen Lunar Guardians, Mavis protects and defends planet Earth from dangers lurking in outer space. The Moon Palace is powered by magic, including all of its resources and technology. It exists within a magical dome that keeps life in, and danger out.

Many Clefairies live on the Moon, and help Mavis and their friends in the Moon Palace. Mavis also has a shiny Clefable companion named Dulce, and an albino Gengar named Leche, who appear on their streams as TTS mascots.

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