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Matcha Soot

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Matcha Soot is an ENVtuber that streams all sorts of games from rpgs, to horror to platformers.

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Rat Familiar to the great sorceress Angelique, Matcha Soot works tirelessly [when he has to, that is] to manage the Velvet Rose casino and its entertainment, the Rat King Lounge. While not every thing within the Velvet Rose is strictly speaking- legal, that's never seemed to be too much of an issue. After all, one thing is for sure within the darkened walls of the casino. The house always wins. Though, what exactly you'll lose depends on what bets you're willing to put on the table.

While managing the casino can be boring, one of the jobs that Matcha enjoys the most is settling debts. When patrons try to run from what is owed and weasel their way out, it's the rat king himself who is sent out to handle such things. And the consequences for such things can certainly be...deadly.

When not working, one can typically find him lounging about with his brother or playing games. Really just slacking off in every sense of the word. After all, it's much more fun just to play games, right?

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