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MassiveLunchBox (Bento)

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MassiveLunchbox or Box or Bento Boi is a streamer based in Asia. He plays ANY sort of games and tends to be very afraid of Horror. He is very passionate and pretty much realistic with things.

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I was a happy LunchBox, always used by my owners in the real world. The food thats been packed in me always smells and looks delicious. But good things never lasted. My owner one day dropped me into the ground and i had a massive whole in the corner. So then the owner decided to throw me away and decided to buy a new one. For the last few days of my lunchbox life all i see was darkness and sooner or later. i see a bright light shining. i was in the dumpster of junk where every useless and garbage item goes into a pit of fire to burn. and slowly it became a reality. i found my life being as useless as every, i was going to die in the fire and next thing you know. i woke up in the streets of some kind and everything looks very cartoony. "I'm a human!" and from that day on i carried my life with purpose and meaning. i will do everything i can and things i wont regret not doing!!! i am the Massive Lunch Box

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