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Mason Ap Astra

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Mason is a villainous VTuber who makes general gaming content. He streams himself playing mostly 2D games and has frequent angry outbursts while playing them. He also makes art out of text on the side and is seemingly proficient at pixel art. One of his favourite things to do is analyse the game design of the games he plays and go on rants about any games that aren't the one he's playing.

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Mason comes from the Vallix System. His planet was destroyed when Vallix went supernova and effectively pushed Kadis and another Star together. Mason was able to use his time traveling powers to escape, which was a lost art of his people. He had no control of where he went so he ended up on earth mainly during the 2000s. Eventually he tried again and ended up in Wales, 1409. He since sustained an eye injury so is unable to timetravel presently. He intends to take over the world and universe and is making a start through vtubing.

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