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Maru-n is a female Virtual Streamer/Virtual Artist that loves to create art and make comfy streams in English. Her art streams usually range between fanart illustrations, twitch assets, commissions and manga creation, featuring usually her ongoing manga "The Curse of the Fox fire".

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Being a Zenko Kitsune and the heir of her clan, Maru-n was assigned to start a new training in order to take on the responsibility of managing the clan, needing to send frequent studies and reports to the representatives of the goddess Inari. However after a few months in, Maru-n was reported to the Goddess Inari herself due to sending reports made in manga format focused in her daily log of coffee and treats, as well as small comics about her outings with her yokai friends and Ryuji, the Azure Dragon whom she is promised for marriage and has been dating for 9 years.

Rumors say that the Goddess took pity of Maru-n's skill and let her go to Earth in order to keep doing her clan tasks while being able to have a chance to live as a manga artist as long she kept sending her monthly reports.

Despite being a yōkai, she likes to wear clothes that are a mix of modern styles with traditional Japanese motifs, and is never seen without her choker with a small protective Omamori, which allows her to be able to communicate and touch humans without them being cursed or blinded.

Maru-n has a great passion for coffee and any kind of matcha-flavoured food/drink, becoming known as "smol coffee bean" by her friends due to her short stature and always carrying some coffee beans with her in a small inro/pouch that has been passed down for generations in her clan and is kept in one of the pockets of her skirt. According to sources close to her, she always smells like freshly ground coffee.

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