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Mapleccino Latte

Mapleccino Latte
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Maple Latte is a trans female Vstreamer who alternates between gameplay of varied games and chatting. While most enthusiastic about first-person shooters, other genres she has brought to her channel include puzzle and platform games. Maple has a coffee shop in which she serves her viewers and utilizes an autumnal aesthetic for mostly everything. When talking about the City, the predominant aesthetic is a futuristic/solarpunk one.

On sundays she hosts the Library Segment, in which she either talks to her viewers or narrates a short tale; mostly sci-fi.

Despite misconceptions, her animal ears are actually advanced prosthetics that move according to thought and can be removed at will.

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Mapleccino Latte is a 20-something year old woman who escaped her home due to transphobia, and to try and have a new shot at life, she traveled to an experimental futuristic city-state called the Sunny City, a sprawling eco-city fit with sustainable power and responsible for developing state-of-the-art technology such as holograms, teleportation and light-into-matter conversion.

Maple opened her coffee shop by repairing a rundown building and uses the City's impressive gear to run her café as smoothly as possible — and make a improve herself in the process, by using streaming as a tool for socialization and advertising her shop.

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