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Maeysha is a vtuber that plays obscure games, due to antiphospholipid syndrome [a clotting disorder] she has a very quiet and unique voice. She loves NieR, Drakengard, Bayonetta, Metroid and many other games, she has been playing games since she was 2 years old.

She has Lupus, an autoimmune disorder which leaves her exhausted most days, due to this she cannot maintain a consistent schedule but instead streams whenever she is able.

Maeysha loves whales and sharks and many underwater creatures.

Vechi is her occasional co-host/editor/manager. Maeysha also makes cursed short videos for YouTube and TikTok with Vechi's help.

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There are things that lurk in the darkest corners of the world, the cracks between the pavement, the hidden places always forgotten. Some of them even walk amongst us, unbeknownst to all. Some are strange, some are friendly, all are ḣ̶͉̜̖̥͐̀̚un̶̝̙̈́͂g̵r̷̬̠̈́̀͘͝y̵̛̦̅͌.

Maeysha learned of humans from her whale friends. She became fascinated with them and ventured from the great d̴̳̩̣̥͆̐̅̄͒̚͝ͅè̴̅̆̋̕͠e̷̎̄̓͛͛̚͝p̸̿ to h̵û̴n̶̓̈́͂̊́t for friends!

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