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LYR-14N, aka CyberLyri, is a robot VTuber who streams mainly variety games, with occassional art practice. They consistently work to create content with a variety of game styles and genres throughout their schedule, though they say often that apocalypse themed games are their favorite. They also publish MMD and edit videos featuring their models, which sometimes give hints to their lore.

They speak openly about their disabilities, and how it influences both their character design and their overall life. They use two main models, one Feminine, and one Nonbinary/Masculine, and switch between them regularly to represent their current gender presentation.

Their content often includes discussion of LGBTQ+ concepts, as well as light political humor. They do not recommend that conservative people watch them, for the sake of everyone's happiness, as they often make jokes expressing dislike of the USA and how it treats the disabled and nonconforming communities.

LYR's social media often include discussions about mental health, and work to encourage fellow VTubers, as well as viewers, to take care of themselves. Every stream includes an extensive Trigger Warning list to help viewers avoid content that could be harmful to them, regardless of what is being played.

Though their schedule is flexible to allow for their physical and mental health, they host Zombie Thursday most weeks, a stream focused on zombie apocalypse games, which often features their VTuber friends as guests. Their other often-recurring themes are Adventure Wednesdays, which focus on open world survival-craft games, Fallout Fridays, featuring SeadragonAnicia, and Spooky Sundays, which typically focus on non-zombie horror games.

Their channel pet and mascot, Pio, is a small, round bird. Described as 'empty-headed and slightly concerned,' the sherbet-colored creature (illustrated by SeadragonAnicia) is often found perched atop of LYR's head.

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The LYR Project was created by research corporation MYTHOS as an experiment to contain a world eating substance known as Corruption. By using this material as the core of the cybernetic humanoids, they were able to, after many failures, create LYR-13N & LYR-14N, two models that share a single program.

Through the Corruption, LYR has access to information from many realities within the Omniverse, a collection of all possible dimensions. Their program leads them to constantly seek more data, and so they have taken to exploring worlds within games, to continue building their records.

Due to errors with the assimilation of Corruption's data, the LYR models have some glitches with their speech and emotional regulation software. This sometimes leads to a stuttering of their vocal program, as well as causing them to drain their energy quickly in stressful situations, and require time to recharge.

The [Wheel of Lyri] that summons various versions of Lyrian from the Omniverse Database can bring a number of Lyrians forward, most of which have their own unique lore, only some of which has been revealed thus far.

Chain Lyrian, a form with chain-like hair and cyborg-like features, is known to originate from a world that has been devoured by Corruption. Now living in the dead world as one of the few survivors who were able to escape being consumed, by transferring their consciousnesses into artificial bodies resistant to its influence. She is cold and hard, skilled in combat, and prone to give harsh judgements.

Angel Lyrian is a winged figure covered in drips of molten gold, said to be born from stardust and metal, forged by a god suffering from boredom. Soft-natured and curious, and shown to radiate heat and light at all times.

The Lyrian that represents the core of the Omniverse, known simply as Lyri, is a young woman dressed in a menhara-themed lolita attire. Her lore shows that she encountered the Corruption in a dream, and after coming into contact with it, began to bleed through realities, overlapping with many other versions of herself.

Other known worlds include: Demon Lyrian, who is shown in the 3.0 channel trailer to have a demonic lover, but otherwise is not yet fully explained.

Mooshroom Lyrian, a small, empty-headed creature who only appears in the world of Minecraft.

Slug Lyri, a form appearing similar to the LYR models, but with the features of an Aurora nudibranch. This version of Lyrian likely shares lore with SeadragonAnicia, as they are only seen together with their fellow seaslug.

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