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Luthienari is a Vtuber who streams at least 3x a week. She mostly plays fantasy-themed or dinosaur involving video games such as Genshin Impact, Final Fantasy XIV, God of War, The Witcher, Elden Ring, The Isle, Path of Titans and more.

She is also trying to host or take part in more collabs to bond and get to know other Vtubers.

PvP is not one of her passions as she's very bad at competing against others and will get very nervous and anxious -thus why she doesn't dare touch such games at all.

In general she's a very bubbly and smiley Vtuber who wants to have a good time with his/her viewers.

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Luthien is a magical hamster prince ruling over his own big kingdom full of fantastical creatures and loyal citizens. When he's not busy with all his royal duties, he spends his time playing those fascinating human games he discovered or works on a variety of art. Creating art and bringing it to life is his main passion. Through said art he can create portals to different worlds and realms and is able to shapeshift into a small Syrian hamster when he needs to. He has a consultant called Nikolay, a wolf-dog, who isn't only his right-hand but also his skilled guardian.

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