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Lusha is the Great Leader of the (almost) equally-as-great state of Kala'at Akluj, a planet-spanning empire in the Feywilds. Passionate, irredentist and very good at bullshitting people, Lusha is a true force to be reckoned with - on the battlefield or elsewhere! He likes playing 4X strategy games, as well as more sandboxy games like Minecraft or Terraria. Then there's also his world-renowned weekly Shitpainting contest, a combination of shitposting and competitive art! Finally, Lusha likes to create... unusual works of music and visual art, ranging from clear memes to almost surreal abstraction

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Born to an advisor to a tribal chieftain, Lusha grew up just in time to meet the end of the world. He was passionate about learning, Shocking even the chieftain when he successfully reverse-engineered one of the Gnomisch devices he scavenged. This let Lusha become one of few tribal beastfolk to gain enrollment in the prestigious academies of a Gnomisch city-state, where he learned a great many things about the scientific discoveries of Gnomekind, as well as the truth about some folk legends regarding the "Blue Moon"

The Blue Moon was found in many a folktale from many a culture. Sometimes personified, sometimes literal, but always destructive - the Blue Moon was the tale of a great wave of magick washing over the lands, inciting and empowering the local Fae to ravish the world and all that inhabit it. The greatest discovery was not from the public records, that simply showed the myths existed even to the gnomes. It lied in secret records, kept under lock and key. A key picked by a certain foxman's aqcuaintance. The truth was most disturbing; the Blue Moon was a very real, recurring event! It was the reason the city walls were so high and the guardsmen so plentifull; the gnomes were preparing to survive yet again.

Both armed with and alarmed by the knowledge gained during his studies, he campaigned for a series of grand reforms within the tribe upon his return. Most of the tribals disagreed, however, finding the changes unnecessary. They only approved minor changes. But that wouldn't be enough. Lusha knew that all too well. So now, he started talking to the people, instead of the leadership. There were those who feared the coming storm and found comfort in his words. Together, they built a fortress, equipped with the finest facilities he could get the tribals to replicate based on the Gnomisch designs he learned of.

They worked and laboured and toiled until their fortress was taller than the hill it stood on.

They trained and practiced and honed until their shots would fly almost as true as the words of their leader.

And when the night broke, they staved off the assault.

From there, this now elite force took control of the lands wrecked by the Fae when the moon shone pallid blue on that fateful night. The locals readlily accepted their promises of protection, the only condition being their labour and absolute loyalty. Soon, an empire was formed. An empire that would stand the test of time! And now that the world is united and the Fae menace is largely dealt with, Great Leader is mostly just working on maintaining peace, prosperity and progress in an empire where the sun never sets and the planet won't rest before all higher life becomes a feast to the gods.

But there's always time for a lil' streaming between ordinances!

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