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Lupo Marcio

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Lupo Marcio is an undead wolf that streams in Italian. He is the Familiar of the dog Cherie that is heard in the background of the livestreams. Having to stay close to her, he has found a place in the Spokesman's house and thus not having much to do when the latter is free, via psychic connection he makes live streaming using him as a means to do things with his hands that he couldn't do with his paws, since is not agile in these situations.

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Died violently falling from a cliff for reasons he can't remember, his spirit has never found peace and has never strayed far from the point where he lost his life, finding the cause of his demise unjust, wandering uninterrupted until at the call of necromancy.


He's brought back to life by a sorcerer who in view of danger, recalled (relatively) fresh corpses reuniting them with their souls to defend him and fight alongside him, many of these creatures perished, but he survived the battles that followed in the years, drawing strength from it.


At the beginning of his resurrection he was completely at the command of his master, his every movement and action was guided by the anger of his troubled spirit, this motivated him and made him very effective in fights and very tenacious in pursuits that could last even several weeks. With the years and the experience gained, his spirit calms down, managing to channel this anger only in situations where that extra energy is actually needed. In quiet moments, he stood outside his master's crypt to keep watch, occasionally his summoner notes him gazing at the moon, wandering into his thoughts however primitive they were. Since being sorcerers and necromancers means not having many friends, he decided to make Marcio his guardian, giving him the ability to learn and think like a human being. The sorcerer then engaged conversations that made him learn some basics of language. In "times of peace" this "Illumination" thus allowed the necromancer to go out on long research expeditions which could last weeks or even months, while Marcio was able to refine his knowledge with the manuscripts they possessed and refine his innate techniques which had never actually used with logic.


During the battles he had to face together with the sorcerer, he had the opportunity to feed on his enemies and consequently absorb their abilities, from that situation his lumps grew. While this knowledge given by his master, imbued him with magic, from there also began the change in the fur which began with a purplish spot and a hint of a crest, which formed more and more with the increase in magical power.


After several decades, the sorcerer who went out on another expedition never returned, Marcio could do nothing but wait because unfortunately the track was too degraded and he would never have been able to find traces without the necessary magical knowledge. This has led him to go out to make periodic patrols in search of some traces and to practice some spells that he has learned from the manuscripts. He wasn't able to do much, despite his human mental abilities, he was still an animal. He continued like this for many years.


In the years of solitude, Marcio has had the opportunity to meet various creatures, normal or with magical properties. Some with these supernatural abilities weren't very friendly and it led to a necessary confrontation where many of the times, life was at stake. Between fortuitous retreats and planned hunts, he was able to bring down some of these creatures, absorbing the magical power that pervaded them, increasing his powers so much that he could be able to mentally connect to other creatures, shapeshift or temporarily separate the spirit from the body with abstraction.


His true name was given to him at birth by his parents and yet another given to him by his summoner, both unpronounceable in normal world languages. However, he is known as "rotten wolf" described as festered, a name that he decided to adopt due to the fact that in various languages they described him as putrefied, rotten or decomposed when those very rare sightings occurred.


Over the years, the crypt was dominated by nature, hiding the place by making it accessible from some hole in the ground, mistaken as a den. One day Cherie, having escaped from her leash during a picnic, slips into one of these dens, entering a crypt dimly lit by feeble candles. Sniffing around, in the grip of curiosity, she collides against a piece of furniture, now made dangerously wobbly by the bricks of the floor raised by the strong roots of a tree, dropping a book of spells and some obsidian objects: they went into a thousand pieces. Panicking, Cherie steps on a sharp sliver of obsidian and in the run towards the exit, her slightly bloodied paw touches a page with an incantation on it: she has made a blood sacrifice, invoking the closest magical creature in the area to become protector of the caster. Marcio felt a shiver down his spine and the acceptance of a commitment that not even he thought he would ever resume. Because of the new bond, he knew where he needed to go and to protect anyone who requested that help. The beginning of this new task cannot be said to have been the most peaceful, sooner or later the spokesman had to find out.

Body Mutation

The body has changed significantly over the years with the increase in its magical power. Initially it was a walking carcass, withered and graying skin, bloodshot eyes paralyzed in an angry expression. With the nourishment derived from other downed enemy creatures, he initially regained its weight and color, even growing slightly in size. With the arrival of lumps, they grew to be used as a diversion and/or defense measure. Initially they were bubbles of acid, which were meant to explode to create a toxic curtain used to scatter groups of enemies and kill low-strength beings. Together with the magical power, it can decide on the moment what they must be filled with, in some cases it serves to create an extremely dense cloud of smoke used as a diversion, in others they can act as an active defense, bursting with impact and in many cases disarming the opponent or to push him away a little. Upon Enlightenment, the body proceeds with a new mutation that will gradually cause its fur to change color, grow a crest, and another small increase in size. The crest is a decidedly unusual trait for a wolf, in fact it appears slightly different from the rest of the fur, more rigid, almost solid, it is an indicator of Marcio's magic state, if he is exhausted and needs rest, it will be less brilliant and less stiff, as if withered. The tail is able to move it even if there are actually no muscle tissues to allow it, it uses it specifically to use it as a whip, if the blow is successful it is able to cut the soft tissues of many creatures like butter. The intestine, having largely lost its initial purpose, being able to exit from the opening of the abdomen to its left, uses it as a resistant rope to trip medium-sized enemies and/or immobilize them. It may happen that it is cut, the more flesh is lost the more time it takes to be able to reuse it. He can shorten the healing time if he can find food nearby.

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