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Lupa Scoville

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Lupa Scoville is a thermokinetic supervillain, hailing from 'Iridium City', where she runs a company that creates hot sauces and spends her free time either "interrogating" superheroes who she deems unworthy of the title, or cuddling and feeding her pet Tasmanian Devil, 'Wilbur'.

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Born in Iridium City, in a little studio apartment, Lupa's father was never in the picture as he had left before her mother gave birth, fearing his mental health issues would not make him a fit parent for Lupa. When she was born, her unusual eyes marked her as an 'Artificer', a human with supernatural abilities, Her thermokinetic powers first manifested at age 14, when she was attacked by the agent of a superhero, 'Royal Rain', who attempted to kidnap her, and she fended him off by freezing the ground so he slipped and fell, before she unleashed a wave of superheated air that caused him to break out in 2nd degree burns.

At this point, Royal Rain encountered the situation and fired the agent, who was responsible for finding him a sidekick, and took Lupa under his wing as his new sidekick. Things were peachy keen for 6 years, but after Royal Rain accidentally caused a school bus to topple, killing a child as he attempted to apprehend a criminal, he became overwhelmed by fear of the bad PR and scapegoated Lupa for the death.

Betrayed and furious, after Lupa was run out of the city she met 'Nightshade', a supervillain that once served as a sidekick to Royal Rain's predecessor, 'Royal Thunder' before he met a similar fate. Nightshade took Lupa under his wing, gave her the alias "Scovillainous" due to her fondness for spicy food and for manipulating heat more than cold, and after 3 years, she returned to Iridium City, founded 'Scovillainous Inc.' and a year later...she finally had her revenge on Royal Rain, torturing him on a live broadcast, hijacking every station in the city, so the city all heard him finally confess to his lies and his part in the child's death.

And the city cowered in horror, as she used her thermokinesis to heat and cool down Royal Rain's heart repeatedly, until she caused him to enter cardiac arrest. As the heart attack claimed the city's most famed hero, Lupa spoke a final message, to him and to the city.

"This is my city now. And I will not tolerate a superhero unless their deeds are worthy of the name."

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