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Lunaris Urufi

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Lunaris Urufi is a female Vtuber, a member of MyHolo TV's Gen 3 MonstarZ alongside Virion Kisei and Athelia Hiroyuki. She can speak Malay, English, Chinese, a bit of Japanese and Korean. Her Youtube channel was created on September 3, 2021. She debuted on October 16, 2021 (GMT+8). Luna is the second Vtuber in Gen 3 MonstarZ debuted. Her fan name is "Ururu". The fan name is a combination of the results from the poll on her debut stream and the poll on her Twitter and then choose one. According to her explanation, the name "Lunaris" is a combination of "Luna" is moon and "Amaris" is child of the moon, "Urufi" is Wolfie. She has a moon pet, named Moona. She is not good at determining direction.

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Lunaris Urufi is a human child that was abandoned in a forest when she was young and eventually was picked up and taken care of by a female werewolf. Being cared for in an environment where humans are seen as hostiles, Lunaris lived a sheltered and protected life with her adoptive mother. However this peaceful moment of her life was ruined after a certain incident that separated the two; and she was forced into becoming a werewolf by her adoptive mother to protect herself.

Believing that her adoptive mother is still alive, Lunaris decided to embark on a journey to become a Virtual YouTuber to spread her name and fame so that her adoptive mother is able to find her one day.

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