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Lunaria Ayaren is a is a female Spanish / English Virtual YouTuber from Chile who debuted on May 19th 2019, though since October 19th 2020 her content is mostly spanish focused. Her content mostly consists of just chatting with her audience, playing video games and occasionally making covers or videos talking about various topics, usually with a humorous (and sometimes absurd) tone. Her birthday is October 19th. Her height is 140 cms. Her zodiac sign is Libra.

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Lunaria is a virtual being that comes from "Uthqoria", a country which is situated in an alternate virtual dimension to ours. She came to the computer of an ordinary human by accident after a hangover so bad that she barely remembers anything prior.

She is currently trapped living in this computer, which has quite horrendous specs and doesn't run her properly. Lunaria makes all kinds of content online in an attempt to save up money to find a computer that properly fits her.

She is the kind of person who carries her heart in her hand. She never hides her opinion and is very intense when it comes to feeling emotions. Lunaria has a very dry and self-deprecating sense of humor. As well as a rather dirty mouth and a slightly sadistic attitude at times. Lunaria is also well known for being brutaly honest and not hiding what's in her mind.

She likes to spend time with her best friends and create videos both for the love of art and a slight monetary need (Although it hasn't been the most profitable idea in history, so she keeps a regular job).

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