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Luna Darklore



Height: 5'4” Birthday: April 26th Sign: Tarus

Luna is a vtuber/pngtuber on Twitch, Trovo, Youtube, and Tiktok! You may also find them on Twitter, cohost, tumblr, instagram and DA.Due to certain uncontrollable limitations, they can only create English content!. She is also known for their weird/interesting sounds. You can catch Luna in bakadere and/or hiyakasudere mode, depending on the situation. Luna is also a variety streamer with a lot of nerd-like hobbies and interests.

Their main goal is to create a safe space/community for anyone to come in and nerd out over their passions without judgment. A safe and cozy environment to chill and vibe in due to the late night hours.

Things to note:

Luna has the Pennsylvania Dutch accent she tries to mask.

We are treating part of our RL self as our human form to blend in with the hummies. Certain hobbies/interests make it hard to use an avatar. So why not respectfully write in? She hides as a disabled human because no one will notice. That way Luna don’t have to stress over the things they can’t mask.

Luna’s actual body suffers from Fibromylgia, Cerebral palsy and other physical/mental disabilities! Sometimes it's hard to mask them, so they are being transparent with everything.

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Does anyone want to create a found family?

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