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Lumina; The Dreamkeeper



Lumina is a variety streamer who mainly aims to have fun, make friends, and make people smile. She is gentle but a bit of a dork.

Lore Edit

Lumina was born of a crystallized star fragment that absorbed the emotions and dreams of humans upon crashing to Earth. This crystallized star became then a 'Starseed' which she was born from when it became a seed to a magical flower.

Due to how she was born, she can enter The Dreamscape. The Dreamscape is connected to all timelines, so Lumina is able to visit various times through it, and wanders around enjoying human culture through time and space.

She considers herself a Guardian of Dreams and fights Nightmares within the Dreamscape to save people from their pain. She uses her glamour to match and blend into any timeline or culture. But at night, she always returns to the Dreamscape to fight the Nightmares.

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