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Luca Strelitz

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Luca is a male VTuber who mostly streams games and art in his channel. He's a variety streamer who enjoys playing shooters, RPGs, medieval combat games, visual novels and survival games. His non-gaming content consists of either 2D illustrations or 3D game models, with a sprinkle of ranting about pop culture on top.

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The Arcfeld Adventurer's Guild's new guild master. A former member of the Hero's party, this magic swordsman has chosen a peaceful life of guiding fledgling adventurers in taking their first steps in this brave new world. As the younger brother of the Duke of Strelitz, lord of the province governing the Fortress City of Arcfeld, Luca was trained in the noble family's art of magic swordsmanship. He gained the ability to wield the Blue Flame in his youth, and after the Demon King's defeat, obtained the magecraft of Reflections - mirrors of his soul from parallel dimensions and timelines.

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