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Amour is a male-leaning nonbinary English indie VStreamer. A demon of love and self-declared idol, Amour enjoys idols, music, video games, and most of all, love. A they feel strongly about love, Amour wishes to use their powers and their streaming to bring more love and joy to the world. Amour tries to keep a fun, cheerful energy in their streams to ensure everyone that watches watches with a smile on their face and love in their heart.

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Born into a realm where demons are assigned a specialty on their 100th birthday (early childhood for their race), the demon full of caring and love Amour was naturally assigned the specialty love when their time came. They were given powers and abilities that allowed them to gain strength from love and increase the strength of others' love.

One day, a strange man opened a summoning portal, and the curious Amour chose to answer the call and join our human realm. However, they were distraught to see how hateful and negative the world was, and vowed to change that using their powers. They looked into ways to do this, and found that they particularly loved idols and streaming. So, they took the path where the two merge and became a VTuber. As an idol, they wish to see the hate in the world decrease and be replaced with love.

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