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lockelocoo is a wolfboy from Sweden who streams mostly comfy PS2 games and PC games. He is a part of the team Monster Girls and in the VTuber group called @vtoknofficial.

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Chapter One: Loser

"Loser!" one of the kids shouted as he threw a rotten tomato at a dirty boy that was younger than him. "Why don't you run along home to your mommy to cry!" another teased. The child in question was a small boy named Lockelcoo; his parents were serf shoemakers under the Lord of the small town eloquently called Esotropia. The boy, smaller than the average six-year-old, was unable to read and write. His bullies tormented him daily in this manner. Frequently, Locke did run home in tears to his mother, who was always hard at work, helping her husband make tacks for shoes to sell.

"Oh, what is it, Sötnos?" Mor asked as she scooped up her tearful child. Locke only cried more as he buried his small face into her shoulder, "They were bullying you again, weren't they?" she asked. Mor sat on the ground, her child's sobbing answered her question as she proceeded to soothe him, watching the sunset, "Now, now, min kärlek, there is no need for tears. Even if we are the lowest in Stoltenhime, we are mighty because we know how to treat people properly and with kindness, not like those kids. As long as you are courageous and kind, you will get along well in your life," Mor encouraged. drying her son's eyes with the corner of her apron, "Are kindness and love that rare?" Locke asked as he rubbed his red eyes. "Sadly, it is. Our people are proud and selfish, wanting to take other people's land for their own. That is why they are at war with the people of Ondska-" her explanation was cut short as the alarm bells tolled of an attack. Faron, his father, burst into the room, "Ondska is attacking. Locke, there is no time, run as far as you can away from here and never look back, you hear me!" Faron warned. Locke slipped through the back door into the darkness of the evening without even saying goodbye and kept himself hidden as he got to the edge of town. Locke looked back one last time to see villagers being herded into his home by hybrid creatures. To his horror, he watched as his house was set aflame with them trapped inside.

Chapter two: The Woods of Malevolence

Mist blanketed the ground as Locke fled from everything he knew. He only had a small dagger no bigger than his fist for a weapon. The night was bitterly cold as he headed deeper into the forest to find shelter for the night. His mind filled with the warnings his parents had given him to not go into the woods at night because there were unholy things that would want to do great harm, "Svart hund, what do ye smell?" a creaky voice asked. The little boy found a hole in a tree and dove into it. He clamped his hands over his mouth to silence a cry for help he knew would never come. A creature slunk into view, holding a lantern in its claw-like hand. The monster was lean, bony, and terrifying to behold. Its hands and feet were great talons as its beady yellow eyes scanned vigorously. "I smell flesh, I smell blood, and I smell the sweat of a little human!" It chanted while lifting boulders and fallen logs looking for Lockelcoo. The monster's head was low to the ground like a vulture, foaming and drooling at the mouth. Locke's body was rigid from fear at the spectacle while he pushed himself farther back into the tree. A revealing "Crack!" rang out when Locke stepped on an acorn, causing the creature's head to snap towards where he was. "Come to play, come to play, all the little children come to them die, watch them die, all the little children watch them die!" The horrible beast chanted as it gnashed its teeth. Locke felt his heart in his throat, but the creature continued creeping closer and closer. All the while chanting little ditties, " as fast as ye can, because ye are my tasty little gingerbread man!" Locke kept his hands over his mouth as tears trickled freely down his grimy cheek. He tried to block the thoughts screaming in his head, "I am going to die!".

"Watch out, Tortak, it's that rotten Bandersnatch again!" a voice shouted as a pack of wolf hybrids charged the terrifying beast, shooting it with burning arrows. One of them stopped in front of the tree where he was hiding, "It's all right, we won't hurt you," the hybrid consoled. Luring Locke out from the hole and into its arms, "That creep was chasing a human child, we need to get him to safety!" The wolf-like creature called to the others, as the pack regrouped and escorted Locke quickly away from the Bandersnatch, "W-where, are you taking me?" Locke asked timidly. "We are taking you to a safe place. Rest now. No one is going to hurt you."

In the morning, Locke woke up to the smell of eggs, oatmeal, apples, and cinnamon, "Hey, you're awake," a woman greeted. She was short in stature, but her chestnut ears and tail made up for it. "Where am I?" he grumbled as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. "You are in Summerset, and my name is Saber. What is your name?" Saber's ears twitched as three little kits scampered up the stairs, "These are my kits: Athena, Swift, and Artemis," she introduced them as they all crowded around the bed. "My name is Lockelcoo. I'm from the village of Esotropia," overwhelmed by Saber and her family. "The Bandersnatch and some of his goons attacked that village last night. I'm afraid they did not spare anyone. You are quite fortunate to be alive and here for that matter," Saber said sadly. The fact that Locke would never see his parents again hit him harder than a battering ram to his chest. "I-I…" Locke stammered as his eyes welled up with tears. His grief overwhelmed him, and he got up and fled the cottage to find someplace quiet so he could think.

Chapter 3 Under the Chieftain's Wing

Locke found himself in a cave filled with lanterns as he sat against the wall and cried. Weeping for the loss of everything he once knew, his family, his home, and the loss of safety. His heart ached as he curled up into a ball, "what are you doing here?" a gruff voice asked. Startling the child, "It's alright, Kid," Lock looked to see a towering warrior dressed to the throat with bear furs and decorated with weapons. This steady-hearted warrior was the Chieftain, "You're a little human, aren't you?" he growled out. Locke pulled out his dagger for fear the untamed creature would do him harm, "You might make a good hunter after all," the man muttered to himself as he circled Locke. Observing him, "But I don't want to be a hunter," Lock complained, yet, the Chieftain would hear none of it and proceed to drag him further into the cave.

Five years passed in misery, being taught how to be something that Locke never wanted to be. He hated killing animals and even his prideful kind. During that time, Locke began to plan his escape from his captor, who wouldn't take no for an answer. It came to a night of a new moon, the darkest night of the month where not even the torches couldn't illuminate his path. His plan was memorized down to the minuscule details. His plan was simple, to give his master the keg of strong wine to celebrate taking over a human village. "Why, thank you, Lockelcoo, you've been saving this for me?" the Chieftain asked. Locke set the keg on a stand in front of his master, "I am going to rest. tomorrow is a busy day for me," Locke confessed as he looked for a way to leave the conversation quickly. "As you wish, tomorrow is your initiation ceremony. After all, go and get some rest," the Chieftain said as he began pouring a glass of wine. Locke quickly left and headed to his room, where everything was ready and packed for him to leave. There is one last thing I need to do before I go. I need to say goodbye to Her. He thought he took up a lantern and his pack and went to call upon the only one who cared for him.

The young librarian spent her time at her shop more than anywhere else, not participating in the barbaric customs like others her age. A dainty little hybrid was the perfect ball of energy and kindness, "miss, are you home?" he asked as he knocked on the library door. he spotted a candle being lit on the top floor as the light moved down the stairs and to the door, "Oh, Locke.. It's you, do you need something dear?" she asked, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "I wanted to say goodbye to you, miss," he said with a bow. The little librarian was puzzled by his sorrow, "So soon, where will you attack next?" she asked as she blew out her candle. "Nobody, I'm leaving and never coming back. Miss, come with me, leave this prison and explore the world with me," Locke begged as he knelt before her. The little maid sighed heavily, "If I went, then the children of this village will be raised to become the bruits the Chieftain wants for them to be. Locke, I am sorry, a light must remain here, or this place will become like all the rest of my kind, prideful, malicious, and violent." she explained. His heart sank into a cesspit of sorrow as he knew the Chieftain would kill her if he found out she was teaching the children. The little Miss handed him a book that seemed to be worn by use, "Take this with you on your journey and promise me to show that not all of the hybrids are bad," she said as she placed the book in his hands. It was a copy of the book of light, a book with the power to cut to the heart and change the lives of all who open it, "I'll be praying for your safety Locke," she bade tenderly. She gave him a handkerchief sown with flowers, her initials, and a verse from the worn book that she had given him, "Now go, flee before that terrible man catches you," she advised. Locke chuckled, "he won't be any problem it's The Bandersnatch is the issue," he murmured. The little maid sighed once more, "The Bandersnatch is afraid of the words that are in that little book I gave you. If he tries to attack you, read it aloud, and he will run from you," she said wearily. Locke bowed and left for the forests of the great unknown with a great song of love echoing in the cockles of his heart. I promise to come and find you someday, and then I'll take you with me to dance in the vast ballrooms in the castle of my heart… Locke passed by the guards unseen, for the wind howled tempestuously as if someone was looking out for him that night. His road was perilous but fortunately did not come across the Bandersnatch and his mutated mutt that night. Locke spent seven years passed as he grew stronger as his heart still pined for the one he loved. He traveled the world alone, trying to find himself in it all with the little handkerchief and the unopened Book of Light by his side.

On his travels, he came across a large mountain. Locals said an evil sorcerer lived near its peak in a tower, causing terrible and unpredictable storms to come upon the locals living in the valley below. He took up the quest, for its reward was a reasonable sum of money and a trusty steed, which was more than enough for him to return to the village where he had left his heart with. The grey Wizard Altair would hold no match against Locke's burning wrath against those of power in the world; he saw them as tyrants and hypocrites using their influence to crush their underlings.

Please Still be alive, Miss. I hope that pile of warts hasn't killed you! He thought as he took the winding road that led to the Wizards tower with haste. Storm clouds laden with snow began to appear the third hour of his journey. The wind picked up as the temperature dropped, the higher he climbed towards the tower. The tower was made of slate held together by vines. The building loomed above him as he scrambled up a cliff to avoid stones falling on his head as the road became steeper to the point that he had to climb on hands and knees, drawing closer to the tower. When Locke came to the door, he saw an encryption written upon it. The world is held together by light. Hate is destroyed by mercy. Those who have treated us wrongly in the past will be healed with forgiveness allowing hatred to be undone. "What a strange encryption, I wonder what it means," he murmured to himself as he went to pick the Lock on the door.

Chapter 4 the Wizard

Fortunately, the door was unlocked, allowing him to slip inside without disturbing a thing inside the stairwell. There were statues of strange earthen creatures, deformed golems made of clay, and tree guardians made up the host of creatures depicted on the walls. Armored with unconventional weapons, "If he wakes those guys up, I'm done for," he said softly. Locke crept up the stairs, unsheathing his daggers, he peeked into the keyhole to see what the Wizard was up to. To Lock's surprise, the Wizard, sitting comfortably at a table in the center of the chamber with animals sitting in high-chairs. "Would you like some tea Mrs. Nesbit?" he asked a hedgehog that was dressed in a baby blue bonnet. The man is daft; there is no way this Wizard is powerful like they say the door opened on its own. "come in, come in. Care for some tea?" the Wizard greeted as he scuttled over to the fireplace to bring another chair. Locke sat in the chair as tea was poured for him.

A plate stacked high with pastries materialized before his very eyes. "They sent you to kill me, didn't they? Those fools. It's springtime; They should expect the weather to be terrible and not blame me for it," he groaned. Causing Locke to laugh, "You're a strange man, I don't think I'd want to kill you," he said. The Wizard clapped for joy as he poured a jar of earthworms on the table, "Hear that, friends? He says he won't kill me," the Wizard said to the company of animals. they only responded with squeaks, grunts, and chirps. "My name is Altair. What is yours?" Altair introduced himself as he ate a handful of chocolate chip cookies like a greedy child. "My name is Lockelcoo; I'm a nomad," Locke said as he held out his hand to Altair. The Wizard took it and shook it, "You look like you miss home," Altair observed. "I have no home," Locke interjected. Altair chuckled; he could see that his new acquaintance was lonely and broken, like most humans who had entered his tower, "I have a quest for you; will you accept it?" he asked.

Locke looked up from shoving a crumpet into his mouth, "what's in it for me?" Locke asked the Wizard hummed in thought, "You get to see your little Miss again, is that prize enough?" Altair began. "There is a ring named Mezrathdaon that the chief stole from me. Retrieve it for me." he finished. Locke nodded, grabbed some of the pastries for food for the journey, and stopped for further instruction, "A horse is waiting for you. He will know where to go," Altair advised. Locke ran as fast as his feet could carry him down the steps. The horse was waiting for him just as the Wizard had said. He lifted himself onto the staddle and kicked it, and sped away towards the village, "Miss, hold on, I'm coming!" he yelled into the night air. The horse whinnied as if it agreed with him.

As if it were magic, the horse took a few strides, and he found himself in the outskirts of the village. The village had changed since he had left. He rode quietly through the town to Miss's house to see it had been burnt down to the ground. "She's gone, mister. The Chieftain killed her when he found out she had been teaching us how to read. She was burnt at the stake because he thought she was a witch," a little boy explained as he held a book that had been charred by the fire. Rage consumed Locke as he went to the cave where the Chieftain lived. The cave was decorated as if a hero lived there, adding to the deep-seated wrath boiling under his skin, he took out from his pack the book of light and tossed it into the charcoal ruin. The Chieftain was in a drunken slumber when Locke crept into the cave. The ring that the Wizard had wanted was on the finger of the slumbering drunkard; he took out his dagger and decided to cut off the finger that had the ring.

There was a cutting board nearby with rotting food still on it; he took it, placed the Chieftain's hand on it, and gave a good swing. The sheer shock and pain of getting a finger cut off woke the Chieftain from his sleep; Locke took the severed finger with the ring and ran, "That's for destroying my life!" Locke yelled as he mounted his steed. The drunk fool was tearing after him shouting profanities as he tried to pull Locke down from the horse. Locke noticed the horse's ears going flat and held on as it kicked the Chieftain in the stomach and bolted back towards the tower in a raging gallop. Once again at the tower, he sat in the snow as tears welled in his eyes. He had lost another one he loved, "Locke," Altair greeted but saw his sullen condition. "She's gone, isn't she," he stated. Locke moved away from him, "I'll have you know that I was married once; I even had a little girl of my own. I lost them the same way you lost your lady, and the same people are still trying to kill me," Altair confessed as he joined Locke on the steps, "Why haven't you killed them yet? you have all the power to destroy them!" Locke exclaimed. The Wizard chuckled, "Why didn't you kill the chieftain? he was asleep, and you had all the power," Altair retorted. Locke was unable to answer the question as the Wizard tapped the arch that had the encryption, "What you did was mercy. If you had killed him, your vengeance would never be quenched," Altair explained as he comforted his new friend. Locke sighed, "thanks for looking out for me." "Your welcome, that is what friends do," Altair stated as he patted Locke's shoulder and went back inside, "Come on, I want to give you something, oh and bring that finger with you, ok?"

Chapter 5 the ring

Locke gathered his wits, the finger, and emotions and went inside to see what the Wizard had for him. The table was gone, and was a caldron in its place. Altair beckoned Locke to his side, "I'm activating that ring that you brought, you see, it has powers to change the wearers' form." he explained to Locke. Dropping the severed finger into the boiling caldron. "That explains why the Chieftain could hide in plain sight. He defiled himself with alcohol the ring stopped working," the Wizard explained as the water began to turn black. he riffled through a book when he came to a section about purification, "How does alcohol defile someone?" Locke asked as he was handed several vials of powders and liquids, "alcohol is addicting, no matter what the world says. That man chose to become addicted, and he paid the price it deformed his body and his mind," Altair replied. taking the vials and poured specific amounts of each into the caldron. "What are you making?" Locke pried. "I'm making holy water!"

By following the instructions in his book, they could purify and awaken the power sleeping in the ring. Before the purification, the stones on the ring were black. Since then, they became multicolored, swirling in colors of blue and purple, "Would you like to live with a crazy old man?" Altair asked as he played with the ring in his hand. Locke was surprised by his question, "Yes, but why me?" "Because you are homeless, friendless, and last I checked, you need someone to teach you what it means to be an adult," the Wizard replied. Locke couldn't contain the grin on his face. I finally have a home! He thought as the ring was tossed to him, "a house warming present, and I have one more thing to show you," Altair stated as he led him to a Palantir. "This is called the Palantir of The Twitch. It's what people use all over the world, and kids your age are the ones who enjoy these kinds of things," the Palantir awoke as it created a portal and sent it against the wall. Locke was overwhelmed by the gifts that were given, "how do I use the ring?" "Simple, pick the animal that will be your main," Altair explained further. For a moment, Locke thought, "A wolf," the moment the words fell from his lips. the ring lit up and began to work its magic, as he felt his hearing increase and a tail appeared, "Have fun," Altair bade as Locke went to the portal. "I will."

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