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Vamp is an envtuber. Who loves bringing smiles, making friends and taking care of her family.

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Vamp was born a butterfly fairy. She was the queen fairy of her village. She loved flowers and animals and the sun. One day a pure blood master vampire came rampaging through looking for the most powerful fairy. Legend had it if a vampire sucked the blood of a fairy they would be able to go into the sun. This vampire wanted to test that theory. Vamp gave herself to the vampire knowing her fairies stood no chance. But something when wrong. When the vampire bit into Vamp's neck light exploded from him and slammed into vamps body transforming her into a fairy/vampire. She was found by the vampires coven who has sensed their leader had vanished from the world. They vowed their loyalty and she became the queen of the Midnight Masquerade. A coven of both Fairies and Vampire.

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