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Hey! I'm that Spartan Robot Bear you've probably seen before~ I'm a Lewdtuber who makes avatars for VRC, does voice acting for funnies, video editing, and a straight up gamer! But I will also be helping out fellow Vtubers that you might see around even in my post here and there! (Whose also a mama bear to some~)

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I wasn't always a animatronic spartan, i was once human actually that with with Agent Maine in the Red vs Blue Verse, I was didn't have a agent name however, was called just Leviosaaa or just Levi for short. As there medic spartan it was my job to help recover downed agents or Spartans and if needed to fight my way for there safety. Along a way me and Agent Maine were sent on a capture and secure mission but things went wrong, as I was force to be the distraction and pull the enemies away for Agent Maine to finish the job. Sadly when trying to give the distraction I ended up crashing into a very old Pizza Plex only to slowly die there in the process after crash landing. I ended re-waking again but not in my own armor, I looked over there side to see my lifeless armor laying there only to realize I wasn't in my armor let along body as I looked into a crack mirror and seen I was turn into a animatronic bear! I was saved by two broken down AIs that went by Sun and Moon whole partially moved around due to how old they are and broken down there bodies were. They manage to pull out my memory and conscious chip and manage to upload it to a Fredina bot for me to keep going. While it took me a bit to understand my situation I knew I had to head back to The Mother of inventions, as a thank you for helping me the two AIs asked for one thing, to come with me to see what has become of this future. I didn't know how else to bring them especially with my battery being low and I couldn't carried them. So I did the same thing to them in order for them to come with me, to upload them to my helmet into my memory chip as they soon became my personal AIs that turned out to become incredible assets for my future fights in the future. From there on I headed back to the other agents and that's where my journey of A Spartan Animatronic began!

P.S. (for some reason I develop a addition to have a fashion sense~ So I have a LOT of different kind of clothes)

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