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Lady Mana, aka Lucrecia, is a cozy VStreamer who often does free tarot reading streams and plays fun lowkey games. Some cozy games included are Animal Crossing New Horizons, Spiritfarer, Cozy Grove and Unpacking. Viewers have mentioned that her voice is very relaxing, even when variety streaming gets a little chaotic.

Lucrecia's first VTuber debut was on August 16th, 2021 on Twitch, debuting with a chibi style model. On October 31st, she debuted a new full body model that's now her default for streaming. She's been streaming independently twice a week since first debut and was welcomed into the VSerenity Twitch team (different from a group or organization) on August 25th. Lucrecia achieved her first SUBathon on September 28th and was able to save enough for her now full body model!

Lucrecia's goals include being noticed by the god Loki, making an original song, surviving a 12+ hour stream, making new friends, and finding a sense of belonging.

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LadyMana is a shapeshifter who's current true form resembles being part human, part cat, part dragon. She believes her father is "probably definitely" the god Loki, as she's experienced other immortal traits over time such as fortune telling. She aims to stream and practice all her skills in an attempt to garner the attention of Loki so she can ask him all her burning questions. She also takes a lot of pride in her "gap moe" appeal.

Age: ???

Birthday: April 6th

Astrology sign: Aries

Height: 5'6"

Favorite flower: Lily

Skills: Hoarding, and tarot card reading.

Likes: Cats, fortune telling, libraries, tea, flowers and cozy vibes.

Dislikes: The cold, crowds, fish, skeptics and ketchup.

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