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Kuruchuu is an Arctic Swedish fox Queen and variety Vtuber/Vstreamer who makes most of the content in English (occasionally in Swedish)

Mostly streams on twitch lots of different games mostly in the casual sense, she is a digital artist and sometimes will sing. Her streams are happy and energetic, but will also stay more on the chill side. Also having a huge obsession of bread, will talk a lot or drool over it. Kuru loves to gamble and if possible will play black jack in her games.

says "Yabai" a lot. She carries around a small knife on her back and belongs to the Hime/Yandere trope. She has an little lemming friend called Jörgen on her head.

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Kuru is an queen over a frozen Queendom high up in The Norths where she rules with an greedy and aloof attitude. Her Queendom is a blend of medieval fantasy and technology, but is in an constant state of war with the neighbouring empire of the Lemmings who frequently tries to conquer the Queendom because their population is too big and need more land. However, as they are so small, they don’t cause to much of a threat to The Queendom.

One day a tiny lemming named Jörgen who defected from the Lemming army to try and end the reign of the ”Lemperor" tries to commune with the Queen about an alliance. In hope to learn her enemies secret, she agrees. However being as lazy as she is, the queen would rather sit playing videogames and eat bread all day, while Jörgen schemes and plans, his ambitions known only to him...

Kuru is not a beloved queen as she a large "dough tax", which demands that a large offering of bread be made to her weekly. This is extremely problematic for the resident's of Kuru's Queendom, as the climate does not allow wheat to be grown easily. Despite their poor living conditions, many are scared to challenge the queen. Those who have tried are never seen again.

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