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Koffy is a Lesbian VTuber and IRL bear girl who claims she started streaming to acquire more wives. She streams grand strategy games and Minecraft. Koffy has stated she wants her chat to be a "safe and comfy space for everyone to relax regardless of who they are"

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Koffy grew up in the woods and had a normal bear life, but was fascinated by stories about human culture and technology. However she found that it's hard to live in human society as a bear as most humans run screaming from her, or would yell at her for trying to find food. She persevered however and eventually learned that humans don't scavenge or hunt for food, they work "jobs" and earn "money." Eventually Koffy was able to find a job and earned enough money to get her hands on a computer. She learned that on the internet nobody knows you're a bear and humans are much more welcoming. She also discovered VTubers and was fascinated that so many different types of people where VTubers and embraced by their fans. From that point on Koffy aspired to become a VTuber and be welcomed by humans across the world.

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