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Kiyoko Hoshizora is a star vtuber that makes content mainly in Portuguese but already stated a want to make more English content in the near future. She focuses more on karaoke and art related streams where she has a bigger interaction with her chat but ocasionally plays horror games, RPG makers and Visual Novels. She also has a poscast with Mizuki Ryu and DropPopy, two of her closest friends.

With a big passion for pop music, her biggest dream is to sing on stage (be it on a 3D debut or IRL). She has inspirations on Hoshimachi Suisei, Splediferachie and Calliope Mori.

With a calm personality, she's often very quiet and introverted, being easily embarassed when something she didn't expect to happen happens or when her friends try to say she's horny.

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Kiyoko is a star vtuber that came to Earth searching more colors to her pallete and ended up falling in love with humanity, wanting to help people to shine with their own happiness!

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