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Kitzu is a male fox VTuber and VStreamer. People seem to think he is a cat but he is not. Kitzu appears twice a week, he enjoys being an artist both with a pencil and 3D modeling. He hopes to inspire other artists, make friends, and one day be a full time content creator and play fun games with the audience while also learning to be a game artist. He educates viewers in how to be an artist and mix those skills with 3D modeling, that includes VTubing as well, to help others like him show themselves in this world.

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Kitzu comes from another reality with creatures you may call mythical who are human like but with animal features. Kitzu popping up in this world with unknown reason was placed in the care of the kitsune race learning their ways and magic. But he wasn't great at learning magic, although he wasn't giving up through all his hardships he eventually learned the basics like will-o-wisps and transformation. But not being good enough to keep up he eves dropped on some creatures wanting to steal some high level magic books to be done with school, so Kitzu wanted to be able to keep up with his classmates who disliked him and just be like everyone else. He started working on one magic spell and messed up creating a dark void swallowing anything in its path. He was stuck for who knows how long in this dark void until a spirit motivated him out of his sadness to break free, and discovering that he is not a kitsune but a being yet to awaken called an Allebrije, so he reopened the portal using all his energy and escaped to this world we are in losing some memory. He noticed other creatures live here and accept him the way he is. He loves being an artist and mixing his magic with art and technology, which is magical to him. The more he grows the more he'll learn of himself and attain the power to be an Allebrije to guide those in life to pursue their passion.

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