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KitsuneVix aka Rynnie (Rin-Nee) is a Kitsune/Fox VStreamer who plays a variety of different games, usually involving her Significant Other and friends in voice chat as she plays. She is going on 21 years of age, and resides in Michigan. She is also a Cosplayer, and sometimes tends to do facecam streams occasionally in Cosplay. She is mostly known for the symbols on her forehead, a direct dedication to her favourite Grandmother, as well as having the same exact hairstyle as her avatar offstream and having the catchphrase, "Omo Omo!". She is NOT a seiso streamer, as she tends to have the mouth of a sailor and her Discord is set at 16+. Her model started as a Non-Fox avatar, and now has progressed into her final form.

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Her avatar in particular, named Vaera, is a Kitsune who was sent by the Fox Goddess Inari-Okami to come to the mortal realm in order to receive her Nine Tails. Vaera currently has TWO tails, although not seen on stream. She started off as her mortal disguise, and slowly progressed into her full Kitsune self. The Kitsune aims to bring happiness onto others and help anyone whose having a bad day as she strives towards earning all Nine Tails. The symbols on her forehead represent the first mortal realmed Fox she saw and the flower above it represents her Grandmother.

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