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Kirynn is a virtual streamer, and soon to be youtuber, who focuses on short indie and horror games. She is also a Live2D rigging artist and hosts more casual art streams during the week.

Kirynn has a very welcoming but mature community, with a great love for sci-fi and fantasy.

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Kirynn is a ram droid from the future. She was developed by ARES, an AI devlopment company. Kirynn was the only ram droid given the ability to empathize as she was just a PR cover-up for the armies of ram droids that were in development. Once the other ram droids were sold off to various countries around the world, Kirynn was deemed unecessary and put to sleep. When she woke, the ARES facility was completely empty and the city outside was in ruins. She's now on a journey to find her true purpose in life, guided by the memories of the scientists who gave her the ability to feel.

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