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Kiki Koumori

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Kiki Koumori is a VTuber and Streamer that lives in the warmer climates of the United States. Kiki’s official language English but can understand some Spanish as well. Kiki Koumori primarily streams crafting games and MMO’s deep in her gamer cave. Occasionally, Kiki will do casual art streams demonstrating Clip Studio Paint and Live2D. All of Kiki’s art done for her model was created on her own and hopes to create models for other upcoming VTubers.

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A Bat girl named Kiki Koumori who was out just getting herself an afternoon snack and picking up some of her favorite manga. When all of a sudden she got hit by Truck Kun and got Isekai’d here to Earth. Now she has found herself a cozy bat cave that she can peacefully game out of and spread the word about the Guano Gang!

What first stands out about Kiki is her long bat ears and wings. She is quite small so having wings helps her from getting trampled, although her eye site isn’t the best. She wears what people here on Earth call a magical girl outfit in all pastel colors. In Kiki’s world where she originated from everyone has magical abilities and Kiki is waiting to show the Guano Gang what she is made of.

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