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Kieran M. Doyle

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Kieran M. Doyle is a virtual wolf YouTuber and variety streamer who specializes in cozy, relaxed streams, with a particular emphasis on creative writing, miniature model painting, ASMR, storytelling, and education. His background as an educator is often utilized in his content. Most of his content is geared towards being family-friendly, aside from his love for holding people's hands and his liberal use of saucy language such as "heck" and "flippin'". He is known for spending a great deal of time during streams telling stories to his viewers, offering positive affirmations, making tea, and delighting in the delivery of dad jokes, punctuated with a well-timed rim shot.

Streams typically start with an inspirational Quote of the Day, taken from writers or philosophers, followed by a guided meditation and the day's designated activities. His usual activities are writing exercises, painting sessions, or relaxing video games, though he has, as of December 2020, begun working on ASMR content for his channel. Future plans include a VTuber roleplaying game group and a revolving cast of collab partners for a weekly board game stream. One of his many projects is to write a series of fantasy novels.

As a smaller indie Vtuber, Kieran spends a lot of time supporting and promoting other small streamers. This has left him with zero knowledge of larger figures in the field, especially at the corporate level, but he will happily welcome new people to the community and help to guide them as they get started.

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A complete set of lore is in development for his planned re-debut in 2021, but some highlights include the following:

  • He has been known by many names over the millennia, with Kieran M. Doyle merely being his latest one. The meaning of the "M" is a closely-guarded secret.

  • He claims to have witnessed the birth of the universe. However, he also claimed to have met the Red Power Ranger, which many have found dubious.

  • He may or may not be an incarnation of an ancient mythological wolf. His interest in Norse legends and epic storytelling, and his general dislike for Odin, attests to this.

  • Whatever purpose he originally had vanished when the goddess Freyja gave him his first headpat and called him a "very good floof". Since then, he has been a complete mush around girls.

  • Kieran has, on several occasions, come into conflict with the forces of the Great Old Ones, which usually ends in resolving their differences over tea and a few rounds of Warhammer.

  • He is an accomplished cook and baker, claiming to have a god-tier German chocolate rum cake which has drawn the jealous ire of Ghor'don Rham'sei, the little-known but very vindictive Elder God of kitchens.

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