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Kayama Koomori is a male VTuber who streams various games, including Dead by Daylight, Nintendo games, plus others.

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How do I start with my own lore. This is always tough, I guess I can start at the very beginning. My name is Kayama Koomori. Don’t let the name fool you, I am full blooded Italian. It’s just that my father was a little bit much with the Japanese Culture. My father’s name is Robert, I do not know what his original last name was, but he got so in loved with Japan, the Swords, the Ninjas, the Samurais, Everything about Japan, he went to Legally change his last name to sound Japanese. He was able to collect so many Japan stuff from his work as a Capo to the Salvoleone Crime Family. That’s right, my Pa works for the Sicilian Mafia.

Nobody knows about his love of Japan, some people say it’s psychologically out of guilt.  To gain connections with the government, My Pa helped provide funds for a Dr. Oppenheimer.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what happened there.  But of course, like all Mafia stories, that is only rumors and speculation, and nobody is gonna corroborate this claim.  All I can tell you the truth is that Robert loved Japan, and changed his last name to Koomori.  He probably would of changed his first name too, if it wasn’t for Mom.

My Mother’s name is Bella.  I also cannot tell you her maiden name because she Might be the daughter of a former Mob family that got Whacked years ago.  Only she survived and quickly married my father, possibly because of his connections and good protection.  She can never tell us her Maiden name, since that might tip the Gang that they missed someone and come back to finish the job.  

My parents met and Married in the middle of 1950s, and in May of 1959, I was born. Unlike both Ma and Pa, I was born with bright red hair, I guess the ginger gene skips a generation or something, I don’t know. I kinda wonder if Ma had an Italian name for me, but I guess it didn’t matter because Pa got to decide what my name was, and of course that Japanese loving dork gave me a Japanese name. They named me Kayama Koomori.

My Parents raised me in a small village of Sicily, Italy. I never went to any school, my Ma Homeschooled me. She cooked, she cleaned, she raised me. My Pa was never really home, he was always working, but every time he came back, there was always another Japanese Knick-knack he brings for decoration. Ma helped me speak, thanks to her, I was able to learn Italian and English very easy, she was certain we would be traveling to the United States. When Pa comes home, he does try to teach me Japanese, but I never can understand that. I love my Pa, but Damn he’s a Nerd!

By the time I was 5, I’m learning more of the streets. Parents are busy with their own things, so I’m out learning. I’ve become quick to learning the art of Pickpocketing. It’s actually very easy: a man normally has his wallet either in his back pants pocket, or his coat pocket, so it’s a 50\50 gamble on where your hand goes to when you bump into them. If you pick a pocket and the wallets not there, you run, but if you pick a pocket and the wallet is there, you run faster. Sad to say, my 50/50 luck wasn’t good that day. I didn’t stop trying until I believe I bumped into the wrong person. I saw an hold man walking with some other guys in suites, they looked loaded as hell, I had to take a chance. I bumped into the hold man, and sadly, i couldn’t find the wallet, so I tried to run. Sadly, the men behind the old man stopped me in my tracks, and made me confront the old man. I didn’t know what was gonna happen: Was I gonna get hit, was I gonna get killed, I had no idea. I saw at the corner of my eye, my parents quickly walking towards me and the men. They weren’t trying to cause any scene, so they stood beside me. They explained to me that this old man, was Mr Victor Salvoleone, My Godfather.

So I believe I screwed up big time, trying to rob my Dad’s boss and Mob boss of one of the biggest crime families in Italy. Now I was certain that I was gonna get smacked, or shot. Maybe he’ll make my dad hit me or shoot me. Strangely enough, the old man laughed and leaned down to me. Get this…he told me to go clean his car. Ma always taught me to listen to my elders, so I was probably gonna do it anyways, but Mr. Salvoleone also gave me a 100 american dollar bill. Now I know I rushed to the wash cloth and bucket, and got to work! One my way to the car, I heard Mr Salvoleone call me a, “cute kid.” His voice was pretty raspy but his Italian is very easy to understand. While I was cleaning the car, Pa was talking work with Mr Salvoleone, and Ma was preparing Lunch for the men.

Lately, Mr Salvoleone started coming over to our home more often. He always brought his sons with him, Mike and Donny Salvoleone, they were like his bodyguards. I don’t think Pa liked them coming over so often. Whenever he knew Mr Salvoleone was coming over, he always dragged all his Japanese collection crap from the living room to his and Ma’s room. Didn’t know if he was embarrassed or what, he just didn’t want to show it off. Every time they were here to discuss business and telling stories, I always offered them drinks. Either water or a Coke-Cola. I think I was doing it to see if they would give me more money.

One day, my parents hosted an entire family get together. So many people in the mob was at our house, chatting and enjoying their time. All the men were laughing, telling jokes and busting each other’s balls. All the women were in the kitchen getting dinner ready, while all the kids got together to play, That is when I met…..HIM. His name is Emilio Salvoleone, the son of Mike, and Grandson of Mr Salvoleone. This kind was a Fucking nightmare. I tried to be friendly with him, but he was such an asshole! He shot rocks at my face with his slingshot, he pushed me to the ground, he kicked dirt in my face, told the other kids to call me, “The Ginger.” He even went into my room and broke some of my favorite toys! I would of knocked his block off, but my parents told me to play nice, so I did. He ordered me and all the other kids around, even though it was My house! Fucking Mook! Despite the ass clown, it was still a good life I was living in as a son of a Capo to the Salvoleone Family.

Years later, getting older, and Mr Salvoleone announced to us that he is now moving back to America. And if he’s moving to America, that means WE’RE moving to America. While we are getting our Fake IDs settled, Mike decided to give me an Irish name, saying that it makes more sense for me to be Irish because I’m Ginger. Whatever! Fuck him and his Kid! America was Cool, Super loud, but cool! By the time I was 16 and was able to get myself a Driver’s License, I finally got my first job as apart of the Mob. Mr Salvoleone, but at this point, I must call him, “Don Salvoleone.” Don Salvoleone has me working as a Taxi Driver. My job was simple. I work as a normal Taxi cab, keep my eyes and ears open for customers that look and sound wealthy and important, keep a note on where they want me to take them, so some men can pay him a visit and offer him, “protection.” Rich people need protection, right?

I’ve been like that until I finally turn 18, Finally a man, Don Salvoleone decided to give me a Man’s job. Unfortunately, it was under the order of Emilio, who wants everybody to call him, “Eye.” He’s calling himself Eye because he think he’s such a marksman, a true Sniper. He even is claiming that he’s really the one who shot JFK, which is just Bullshit, but nobody is gonna call him out on it.

So here’s the job. There’s this Baseball player by the name is Giant George. He’s a huge mother fucker, built like a fucking gorilla! Emilio gave him the idea that for last nights game, he should strike out a few times, but George didn’t wanna do that, he wanted to be famous. So since he didn’t strike out, we gotta strike him out! Emilio told me to whack the man, and I can’t use any guns, we don’t wanna cause a scene. He gave me an Ice Pick and told me to wait for my time. As much as I hate that cocksucker, Emilio is actually clever. He bribed some broad to come over to George and flirt with him and offer him drinks and shots. Whether it’s drinks or just water, the idea is go get him into the bathroom. That’s always the perfect time to whack somebody, when their pants are down. We seen heading to the bathroom, he’s bringing his baseball bat with him. We didn’t know why he’s bringing his bat with him, perhaps he didn’t want anybody stealing it when he was on the can. He’s gonna be an MVP, probably take his bat into some hall of fame museum or something, i don’t know. When he’s in, Emilio sent me on my way with the Ice Pick in my hand.

As I was heading to the bathroom, I walk past a Janitor closet. It was perfect, I found a sign that says, “Don’t enter, currently cleaning.” I grabbed the sign and put it on the doorknob before I walked into the bathroom myself. This dude must of been a fast pisser, he’s already going to the sink to wash his hands. There’s no time for me to fuck around. I walked towards him, thinking I can sneak behind him, and stab his neck with the pick. As soon as I got up to him, the man turned around me and without a second of hesitation, this fucker takes his bat and starts swinging at me!

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  George knew he pissed off a Salvoleone, and when you piss off a Salvoleone, you do not have that long until someone comes to end your life.  This is probably the reason why he brought the bat in the first place, he figured someone would go and whack him on the ideal place.  He’s swinging his bat like a woman swinging a broom to a rat.  The best I can do is take the Ice pick and stab his hand to make him drop his bat.  This did nothing to the Giant, he grabs me by my throat, and starts swinging me around like some rag doll!  It wasn’t long before he got ahold of my Ice Pick.  He’s trying to dig the pick in my throat, but I’m holding his arm still.  His other hand is around my throat, choking the fuck out of me!  I couldn’t break free, He’s gonna make me pass out soon, then stab me in my neck.  My other hand is reaching around, looking for literally anything.  I was able to grab his bat.  I swung the bat right to the side of his head, The fucker tumbled down, let go of my throat.  I couldn’t give him a chance to breath, I got back up, and swung as hard as I can right into the temple of his man’s skull.  The man was mumbling to himself, I think I definitely broke something in his brain.  I needed to finish him off.  I raised the bat above my head, and Swung down right into the top of his head.  He fell down like a sack of potatoes.

There doesn’t seem to be too much blood, but the man is definitely bleeding out of his ears. I couldn’t leave him on the floor, too quick for people to notice him. I drug this fat piece of shit to one of the stalls, and tried to sit him down. You wouldn’t believe it, As soon as I got him sitting, the some bitch wakes up, making noises. I grabbed the bat again and just Pummeled his brains out! At least 8 strikes down to the head. His head was fully caved in, blood was on the walls, but it wasn’t much on the floor, which is exactly what I needed. I kept the Bat, I think I like the feeling of busting heads. From that point on, The other boys had a name for me from the streets, “Rosso Mazza” The Red Bat.

Few years later, I had more and more jobs where they needed me to whack people, whether it’s snitches, good cops, thiefs, rival families, or jerks that won’t pay their protection money. I even had my own crew that followed my orders, but they were just there to take out some grunts and hold the main target on their knees for me. That bat I used on Giant George, I spray painted it Red. You know why? So people can’t tell how many times I’ve used it! I told that to everybody who I was about to use it on. After awhile of killing people here and there, my face and name would be getting hot, so Don Salvoleone smuggled me out of the states and back to Italy, until the heat dies down. It was always nice to go back home. And everytime the boss needed another guy whacked, I come back to America, find the guy, off him, and come back to Italy. Rinse and repeat.

I think I got a habit of collecting things from my old man. Thankfully, not Japanese crap..well kinda. It was Video Games. This new thing came out recently called “The Atari 2600” It was fun as hell, it had Pong, Combat, Space Invaders. It really was the best! I collected Box Arcade games. But hey, unlike my father’s shitty stuff, I can be entertained by my stuff. It was around this time when the new Lawyer for Don Salvoleone came into the business. His name is Milhouse Willis, and we became friends real quick. He even loved the Arcade too. We played Pong for hours, until we both were called into work.

It was in this day though, I was told some fucked up news.  Don Salvoleone called me into his office and told me the news that my Ma and Pa got gunned down in their car.  He says it was the Bardichi family.  I really didn’t know how to react when he told me, I mean, I know the business we are in, I was certain it was about to happen one day.  Hell, I sometimes thought that I would get killed before Pa.  Don Salvoleone told me that now is the time to be a man and not let this injustice settle.  Now is the time to go to the Bardichi’s turf and retaliate!  So that’s exactly what I did, I picked up about 20 of our guys, we went down to the Bardichi’s home, and we gunned down and torched the entire facility.  Only one left is Don Bardichi himself, That’s when I bring out the Bat, letting him know this is for Robert and Bella Koomori, before bashing his skull in over and over.  

When I came back to Don Salvoleone, he was proud of me and promised that he will take care of me no matter what, he’ll treat me like his own son.  So before I had to get smuggled back into Italy, the Salvoleones turned me into a made man.  So now I need to go back to Italy, so the heat can die down again.  Milhouse requests to travel with me, since I’m gonna need a guy to be a link between me and Don Salvoleone.  The boss allows it and off we go.  Unfortunately, Mr Eye himself requested to drive us to the docks.  I knew he was gonna do some shit, but he ain’t gonna kill me.  

Emilio driving us to the docks, but takes a detour, taking us to the woods in the middle of the night. Before I can ask him what’s he doing, he already has a gun pointing at me. Emilio parks and tells me to get out of the car and Milhouse to stay in the car. We do what he wants and we just see what he’s going to do. I’m honestly not scared at all, if he was gonna shoot me, he would of done it already. Emilio yelling at me, telling me that the only reason why I’m alive is because Don Salvoleone likes me, and when Eye becomes the Godfather, the first thing he’s gonna do is put a hit on me. He’s even telling me that if wasn’t the Bardichi family that killed my parents, he’s telling me that it was the orders of his Grandfather to gun them down. At the time, I thought he was bullshitting me, trying to get me upset, but later in my life, I found out that he was actually telling the truth. Apparently, my Pa wanted to retire to Japan and take me and Ma with him. To his face, Don allowed it, but as soon as Ma and Pa left his office, he ordered a hit on them, gunning them down before they can even start their car. I guess Emilio and his crew did it.

After this show, We got back in the car and I got to the docks. Milhouse and I traveled to Italy, and he hung out with me, playing video games. I traveled to Italy a lot, only coming back to places like New York, Boston, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Chicago, The major places that Salvoleone has power over, where his casinos and Marinara businesses are. Many Years I’ve been doing the same thing, every time, Milhouse joins me. He’s my best Buddy. We play games together, collect arcade games together, The man even made me his best man at his wedding, his wife is beautiful. Around this time, video games were dying out, so we extorted some money in a certain business and helped them create a new console, calling it the Nintendo Entertainment System. But you know, like I’ve said before, this may be just a story and Nobody is gonna corroborate this claim. I bet you all know what was my favorite game on the Nintendo….Obviously it is The Legend of Zelda! What, you thought it was gonna be Super Mario Bros?? Racist!! Okay, fine, Milhouse and I play that from time to time, it’s Fun, okay!!

All this came to an end. It was May of 1991, I was ordered to Don Salvoleone’s office, most likely for another hit. It turns out, the boss demanding me to whack Milhouse. It turns out, Mr “Eye” Emilio was out sniping some senator at a ballpark and was caught my some feds that weren’t on our payroll. They caught him red handed, dead to rights, and with all of Milhouse’s magic with the law, and a hefty bribe, He was to bring down Emilio’s life sentence to 5 years in Prison. For offing a Senator, that’s Impressive as Fuck! But Emilio didn’t see it that way, says that Milhouse gave him a weak defense on purpose because he doesn’t like him. I mean, we both hate the fucker, but still! Emilio convinced the Don that, so now he wants me to Whack my Bestest Friend. Easy to say, I was not having that!

That night, I moved around, made the ruckus around the home. I managed to get Mike Salvoleone and a lot of the boys to believe the Bianchi Family was committing an attack on our base. Got Mike and a big amount of the group to go into the ammunition room, just so I go throw a grenade in there. There was a TON of other explosives in there, ain’t no way they survived.

Now everybody is at Chaos. They thinking the Bianchi family is surrounding us, guns firing left and right. I got up to the Don’s floor with Donny the only one guarding him. I let them know that it’s the Bianchi family, and promised to guard Don Salvoleone while Donny go find Mike and we’ll stick together. That was Donny’s plan, until i pop a bullet in the back of his head. With both his sons dead, Vic Salvoleone was all alone. At gunpoint, i told him to get on his knees so I can beat him to death with my bat. I was just about to bash his brains out until the door slams open. I turn to see Emilio and his men pointing their guns right to me. Vic dodges away so everybody can open fire. I was gun down, filled with holes, and fell back out of the window. I fell out of the 12 story window, but I think I died the way down, or at least I think I did.

I closed my eyes on my day down to the ground, basically waiting for the thud, but the thud never happened. I opened my eyes and i was in some sort of room, but there was nothing here. Everywhere I see was a void. There was nothing around me except the chair I was sitting in and the desk in front of me. Then there was the guy sitting across the desk, Wait, where did he come from?!? The guy had slicked back red hair, pinstripe suit, the colors on his suit is black and dark red, maybe maroon. He had tons of rings on each finger, don’t know how he could make a fist with them, his nails looking sharp though. The dude has a goatee, as red as my own hair. You’d think because he’s looking similar to me, I’d be more comfortable, but I’m not. I feel like I know exactly who this mook is. This is the Big man himself. Lucifer, Satan, The Dark one himself!

Cutting right to the chase, Lucifer is already speaking to me about what he wants from me, talking about how he knows I don’t wanna just be one of the trillion souls being tortured in the lake of fire. So he offered me a job. To become a Demon and be one of his lackeys. I thought this was Bullshit, I don’t wanna be one of Lucifer’s men, I just got out of being Salvoleone’s men! I told him that I wanna go back to Earth and finish what I started!

Lucifer is looking at me, thinking he got me in some kind of dilemma, well maybe he does since I’m in hell or purgatory, I still have no idea where I am. I know what he is doing, he’s doing what all these fucking demons do: he’s gonna offer me a deal. Lucifer can create a gateway back to the world of the living, but no human soul can travel through it, only demons are able to through it. So it looks like no matter what, I’m becoming a demon. Milhouse is not gonna like this, he’s kinda a major catholic.

But before he can turn me into a demon, I need to create a binding verbal contract, and he’s telling me that he will not accept the deal unless I am thorough and saying exactly what he wants, and I must complete the contract exactly how it’s worded, if a demon doesn’t hold his end of the agreement, their souls will disappear.  

I thought about it for a good minute, and I know exactly how I worded it. Here is the contract I told him, “Lucifer will turn Kayama into a demon, then when Kayama becomes a demon, Lucifer will open the gateway back to the world of the living where the Salvoleone family is. Kayama will travel through the gateway and Kayama will attack and kill everybody in the Salvoleone family until Kayama says that Kayama is finished. Lucifer then will open the gateway, and I will enter into the portal and I will become Lucifer’s slave.”

Lucifer thought about it for a solid minute, I kept a straight face, I didn’t move an inch.  Then finally, Lucifer agrees to my deal.  We shook hands then he transported me to some kind of dimension.  And God Damn!  This was true Torture!  So it turns out, in order to become a demon, a human soul must endure what feels like 10 years of non stop ungodly torture.  You don’t get used to it, you don’t get a break, and they told me I can request them to stop anytime I want, but I won’t become a demon and spend eternity in the lake of fire.  So I just kept my mouth shut and endured it.  I think it was 10 years, I tried my hardest to shut my brain off and let them do whatever they wanna do to me.  But after so long, the transformation was complete.  I was pushed out of that dimension and looked like I was sent back into the same void where I started, with Lucifer waiting for me there.  I took a deep breath and look at my body.  Luckily, I still had my pretty mug, but I got huge, fluffy red ears on the top of my head, Huge black and purple wings sprouted on my back, I grew fangs, and my eyes were completely different.  They looked like they have some symbols in them, but I cannot tell you what they were from.  Lucifer apparently had the call of what to turn me into, and because he liked that nickname that I got on Earth, Rosso Mazza, or the Red Bat, he decided to literally turn me into a giant red bat.  

At this point, I really didn’t care, I just want him to open a gateway and take me to where the Salvoleone’s are hiding.  Luckily, Lucifer told me that no time has past back on earth, He’s sending me exactly where I died.  So the gateway is open and I flapped me new wings to speed me straight into the portal.  

Back on earth, The crew were helping out Vic, while Emilio was looking out the window, where my body landed on the pavement.  The fucker spit at my direction and thought that was the end of it.  All of a sudden, the carcass that was my body sent ablaze, alerting everybody in the area.  Then suddenly, I flew out from the ground, sporting my new look.  Everybody was shooting at me, but it looks like my wings are bulletproof.  I’m literally running around, wings covering my body, and swiping people’s heads off.  I guess I’m also strong as fuck, can literally knock fucker’s blocks off. 

After I’ve killed everybody on the floor, I flew up to the 12th floor, where the remaining Salvoleones are.  To show disrespect, I used my wing to bitch slap Emilio, slamming his body on the wall, the way he bounced, I can tell I broke the fucker’s spine.  I was looking at everybody else, they were stunned in fear, like they seen a monster, well…I guess they aren’t wrong.  I looked around, and lookie here, my baseball bat was still on the floor.  Everybody was screaming their heads off, Vic was ordering everybody to shoot me.  They raised their tommy guns back up, and opened fire.  I just wrapped my wings around me again: I do not know if I’m bulletproof, but I know my wings are.  I just swooped around person to person and swinging the heads, like their heads were baseballs and their necks were on the tees.  One by one, heads explodes on impact, until all that was left was Victor Salvoleone.  He was on his knees, begging for his life, he even was telling me he would call off the hit on Milhouse, too little too late.  I just raised the bat over my head and brought it down on his skull, his eyes popped out of the sockets, it looked gross as fuck!

I was by myself but I knew..he was listening in.  I said I was finished and just like that, a gateway opened right next to me.  A voice coming from the voice, it was loud and reverb.  It’s yelling at me to enter, which I flat out refused.  The voice started growling and roaring at me, yelling at me that I must withhold my end of the agreement or my soul will disappear.  This is where I got the some bitch, he didn’t know about my plan.

I pointed at the wall, to let Lucifer know that there’s one that’s still alive: his name is “Eye” Salvoleone.  So I let him know, ‘Once Kayama says that he is done, Lucifer will open the gateway, and Eye will enter into it and Eye will become Lucifer’s slave.’  That’s right, I fucking tricked the prince of darkness himself.  I walked over and grabbed Eye, holding him by his waste like luggage, then tossed him into the gateway.  I can hear Emilio crying to his Mommy as the gateway closes, What a Wimp!

So here I am, a free man…well…I guess I ain’t a man no more, I’m a demon.  I found out something interesting, a new ability.  I have dimensional pockets inside the glides of my wings, I put my baseball bat into it and I pulled it right back out.  Just like that, I got an idea, the best idea I’ve had…well next to what I just did.  I went my way straight into the Salvoleone’s vault, their goose nest, I broke the vault door straight open.  You need to see it, Cash and Gold everywhere.  I went straight at it.  Fist full of cash and blocks of gold, going straight into the wings.  I went at it for 10 minutes, I wasn’t feeling heavy or anything, but I was finally starting to hear police sirens, I knew it wouldn’t be too long until they finally showed up.  I think about about another 5 minutes until they get up here, so I’m just rushing it.  More cash, more gold, more diamonds!  As soon as I knew the police were just about there, I jumped out the window and flew out of there.  I cleaned that safe out!

So Now I have all the money, what am I gonna do now?  Only thing I can think of is go visit Milhouse.  I woke the dude up, but I knew this look is gonna scared the shit out of him.  I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m just thinking of myself without the ears, wings, eyes, and shit.  I guess it worked, I’m looking like me again before he answered the door, it was like clenching my butt to hold in a fart.  I told him everything that happened.  I broke it to him lightly, letting him know I’ve become a monster now.  He didn’t believe me, but I unclenched and boom!  My wings came out.  He freaked out at first, that was obvious, but giving it a minute and he calmed down to process this situation.  So now that we’re calm, we gotta figure out what to do next.  We thought about it and decided to have an arcade for me to live in and he can spend his time there.  With the money I “saved up” from my past business, we created a giant arcade with tons of games, bar, dance floor.  Classic Arcade games, home consoles with tons of games at my disposal.  

So here I am, Kayama Koomori, the sole owner of this brand new arcade for me to play, but to make sure it looks like a legitimate  business, I have to make it a place for gamers as well  All I need is a name.  I decided to call it, “The Batcade”  Milhouse thought it was cheesy, I told him to go fuck himself.  Come on by the Batcade and enjoy your time!  Just don’t go busting my balls, or I’m gonna bust yours!
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