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Kawasaki Sisters

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Naoko Kawasaki (川崎なお子 Kawasaki Naoko) and Yukino Kawasaki (川崎雪乃 Kawasaki Yukino), are female Virtual YouTubers who makes content in Japanese. They debuted on 9 August 2018 and the first on the Yunoki Set along with Yunoki and Ao Nishida, who is Yunoki's younger sister. The duo express themselves with very big gestures during speaking, and also have expressive faces.

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The Kawasaki sisters are Naoyuki Kawasaki's younger sisters. Naoko was born when Naoyuki was only 4 months old, and Yukino was born when Naoyuki and Naoko were 2 years old at the time when she was born. Naoko attended the same school as Naoyuki since Yukino was only 6 months old. After graduating from middle school, Naoyuki and Naoko decided to part ways.

Naoyuki, along with Myu and Yeseo formed a band with the name of Goyang-i Jajangmyeon, while Naoko and Yukino debuted as an Virtual YouTuber. While having a trip in Sakurahama Island, Yunoki was wandering there and saw them with Naoyuki, and wishes to become them so Yunoki's wish was granted.

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