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KawaiiGrin also known as Grin is an egirl Vtuber who is a full time English speaking content creator on Twitch. She is highly supportive of the LGBTQ+ society, identifying as a "GAYMER" herself. She currently streams every day except Thursdays, and every stream is another fun and chaotic episode of Grin's life.

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KawaiiGrin originated when her twin KawaiiGaea became tired of putting makeup on every day. This led to the creation of KawaiiGrin, her totally not evil twin who can do all the work and look cute doing it for KawaiiGaea. Grin loves anything upbeat, high energy and being granted the opportunity to yell at someone. Her brain is smooth, so she may require some extra time and explanation. She streams on a day to day basis with her trusty sidekick (aka service dog), mochi, who will yell at her when her blood sugar levels are in a bad state. Grin welcomes everyone with open arms and loves when new people join the Grin Gang!

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