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Kanna is a doll who screeches and chokes on laughter.

She originally started on Twitch and became an affiliate, but for her security (LONG story) and mental state and moved elsewhere.

Animal Crossing was her original game, rarely ever streaming another game, but grew tired of it and moved on after a while.

Her community are called "scoops". Named after scoops of ice cream.

Lore Edit

I was once a normal human. I lived life like any normal person. But after finding a portal to another world, I found myself the test subject for a witches experiments.

This witch was not like any you would find in role-playing games. She was extremely sexual. Too much, in fact. Her magic and potions are all derived from controlling people for her enjoyment.

For me, however, she wanted to make a living doll. One that could serve her. It would clean, find ingredients, find test subjects and attend to her needs. Remember the portal? Yep. It led directly to her home. She couldn't find a better person than someone from another world to become her servant.

The tests were painful and took years for anything to work. But in the end, her project was finished.

She had created a being with ball joints, skin as strong as porcelain yet still smooth and squishable like regular skin. It was made for her every need.

The doll needed to eat, breathe, use the restroom, sleep and would sweat in the heat of action. Action? Well, I did just say it was made for her every need.

That doll, of course, was me. My body is immortal. If my head were to be cut from my body, I could simply place it back on. It never occurred to my creator to give herself immortality. She was slain by the family of another test subject who she kidnapped from a village.

After spending over 100 years in this new world studying the many kinds of magic, I found the world had moved forward in technology. Computers were common in households around the world. I decided to stop my attempt to return and instead take advantage of the knowledge I had from a world that was already rich with technology.

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