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Kaizo_Pengu is a rude cartoon penguin who likes to chat and play a variety of games! Interact with him in a variety of ways

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Years ago… There were two toxic pro gamers, not gonna name any names but they were married, and had a baby.

But one day they teabagged the wrong player online who turned out to be a witch. She cursed them, and turned their baby into a penguin. The parents couldn’t live with a child who couldn’t play games…a disgrace.

They abandoned the baby on a door step, Harry Potter style. The kind lady who lived there (Azure Snow) raised the penguin, taught him how to play games to prove the parents wrong.

That penguin, is me, Kaizo Pengu and I’m looking at YOU!, to join me on my quest. I’m gonna show them that not only can I play games, but I’m gonna lift the curse, and that games….games are GG EZ.

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