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Kaika Hana 華カイカ



Kaika Hana is a VTuber/VStreamer with a seemingly endless pool of energy (yes, even after streaming for 7 hours straight). You can typically find her livestreaming games like Minecraft and Stardew Valley on Twitch, but she also uploads archives, clips, shorts, and song covers on YouTube. While she typically refers to herself using female ones, she is proudly pansexual and genderfluid, so she accepts all pronouns - she, they, he, it, you name it! If you enjoy watching chaotic streams where a purple-haired human from an alternate universe mixes up the many languages she speaks, talks in different voices, and all other forms of “totally healthy” coping mechanisms, Kaika’s content is for you.

And don’t worry, she’s in control of herself. Honest!

Lore Edit

A girl from an alternate universe, she lives on her universe’s version of Earth, on a country that doesn’t exist on our planet— Andromeda, a land where entertainment is its heart and soul. There, she’s studying to become a proper performer, because music is her number one love!

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