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Jose Del Rosario

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Jose is a Carabao Vtuber from the Philippines. He loves to draw art, play videogames, learn history, and collaborate with other Vtubers. He loves Polish culture and wants to learn more about the language and people. He has no budget to speak off so he has to make everything himself. He has an inventive mind and can pull unexpected cards that even surprises him. He likes to gamble with his chances if he either wants to mess around or has a chance to win.

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Jose is a Carabao that emigrated to Canada and currently attends highschool there. In his free time, he plays videogames, watches historical videos, and skate around all day. However one day, he watched what looked like Anime Youtubers and got stuck in a forever loop of endless watching and interacting. During that time, Jose decided to try art again after giving it up for some years and got back into doing art again, Then an Idea sprung in his head and he decided he wanted to become a Vtuber, while it would be slow and a grueling journey, he decided to go for it and spent Six months preparing, most of his preparation was in the learning aspect so while what most of what he does is barebones, he does the best he can and improves slowly through his work.

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