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Jin The Pale Rider

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Jin The Pale Rider is a male Virtual YouTuber and Streamer who makes content in English.

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Lore: -Jin K, from [REDACTED] City, Mars Colony 618B. Adult/ Male/ Blood Type AB/Age [REDACTED]/Occupation: Mech Pilot/Self described " ruggedly handsome smart ass". Subject was suffering late stage terminal illness and was referred by Director [REDACTED], against board advisement. -Adult entry into the [REDACTED] Project, not tank grown from gene spliced specimens [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] . -Enhanced endurance, reaction speed, need for sleep decreased, slower aging process, mental acuity at 91%. *Please note possible mental instability or strange personality quirks due to engineering process and gene splicing/editing.

-1/4th of [REDACTED] Initiative, designated to pilot Prototype Frame MX-04 Aka Pale Horse based on previous combat assessment.

-During final conflict on Earth Colony 722X with The Hive Legion, lead by defector Conquest Rider, Pale Rider and the MX-04 have been listed as MIA after a sacrifice maneuver into deep space toward a black hole carrying an improvised Extinction Level Event device. War and Justice Riders have both been recovered from [REDACTED] after sustaining life threatening injuries. ~Final communications from SEAL Command.

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