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Jevolt is a Vstreamer that is a female IRL but has a male model, she does not mind she/her or he/him pronouns. She was previously known as AOfficialJoJo or Shizuka Joestar. She decided to debut as a new VStreamer because her previous one could have copyright issues in the future. Shizuka Joestar is a character she did not own, so it felt it was right to change to a character she does in fact own. JevoltVT is a struggling Vstreamer that only streams on PS4, she doesn't have a PC that can stream, but she is planning on getting a new one when she can afford it. For now she mostly streams Genshin Impact, Fall guys, Lost in Random and more!

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︴ Jedediah Davis, 24 years old. Born and raised in NYC. He always thought that if he tried to stand out and show who he really is, he would be bullied for it. Jedediah constantly looks down on myself, thinking himself as a loser and a nobody. So he thought it wasn't worth trying, so Jedediah was always invisible to everyone. He always had a love for music, but never had confidence to show his talent to anyone. Because there's a side of him that feels people will hate him no matter what he does.

︴One day Jedediah was attacked by thugs trying to save a lady in distress, and he almost died because of it. Jedediah was offered a deal that day, a deal from a mysterious demon. He saved Jedediah's life and offered to help him "gain the confidence he needs" and “give him the opportunity he should have gotten before". Jed didn't know what he meant at the time, but he sure as hell know now.

︴He turned Jedediah Davis into a demon, a demon of the night. When the sun goes down, he becomes a skeleton demon. I guess you can say it's like a werewolf thing? The demon side of him is the complete opposite, he is full of confidence and energy. From what I've been told, He is a manifestation of Jedediah's soul, of what he wanted to be, but to an extreme. Because he was turned into a demon, it helped Jed become a famous vocalist and electric guitarist known as Voltage. I can assume you're more interested in Voltage than Jed…right?

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