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Jenta Cookie Cat

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Jenta is a Female Vtuber who speaks English. They are 21 years old (18 months in cat years) Jenta's Birthday is on August 18 & has a Height of 5'2 tall or 153 cm. Jenta also suffers from Chronic Pain and Dizziness, which make her keeping to a set schedule vary difficult.

They're main content they tend to stream often are Rhythm Games, Just Chats (Free Chat) & Drawing Streams. Jenta being an Idol now, they do singing streams though due to copyright gets discovered to do them more often Jenta Youtube Channel is now Monetized and has Membership and Super Chat Enabled.

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Jenta is from an abandoned Idol manga series. Characters were disappearing and now all that's left is Jenta. The manga series creator felt pity for their last remaining character and decided to make one last full color illustration of jenta. This illustration appeared in Jenta room and through the magic of whatevertheh*ll was able to leave the manga world and is now in the real world. She is looking for here old friends while making new ones along the way.

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